Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Boudoir Photo Shoot- For Me NOT Him

Warning..... if you are reading this, you might see some suggestive cleavage! If that offends you, stop reading now and go crawl under a rock, because honestly.....cleavage is everywhere nowadays!

Recently a friend of mine who is a photographer said she was going to be doing a boudoir photoshoot one weekend in a hotel suite. When I first thought of boudoir, I thought of skanky pictures of perky tits and bubbly butts, neither of which I I imediately thought that there was no way that I could do it! Plus, what would I do with the pictures anyways?! Hang them in hallway? Ummmm I don't think my father would approve.

Then I kept thinking about it. I get to get my hair and makeup professionally done, put sexy clothes on and get pictures taken that I could give my hubby for Valentine's Day. So I signed up for it!

When the day came I had a realization, I wasn't doing this for him, although he does love them, I was doing it for me. I wanted to be pampered. I wanted to feel good about myself. I wanted a chance to wear something I usually am too tired to put on, and not having to worry about it getting covered in boogers and food. I wanted to feel sexy, something I havent felt in quite awhile. I wanted to feel confident in this body that birthed two beautiful children and is far from perfect. I wanted that moment captured.

Hair and makeup was a blast! My friend and photographer made me feel so at ease, considering I was mostly naked and a couple Janet Jackson moments were pulled. I left that hotel on a complete high, I felt so good, and I hadn't even seen any of the pictures!

I posted this photo that night.

The caption read, "Nothing can perk your day up like getting your hair and makeup professionally done followed by a photoshoot! #boudoirphotography #mamaisgettinghergrooveback #redlips"

I felt wonderful! There is not one moment where I wish I didn't do it. When I got the pictures back, I was shocked! I definetly look different then I mentally portray myself. I've always had some curves, which I embrace, (although I wouldn't mind seeing them diminish a bit) but I didn't look like the beached whale like I picture myself. It mentally made me feel like a million bucks!

I know that this type of thing isn't for everyone, but for me it was perfect! So, no, boudoir photography doesn't have to be like it was ripped from the pages of Busty Blondes or Ass And More Ass, that is intended for a male to oogle at while spending "alone time." It can be for the woman! It can help her find her groove again, because it sure helped me! 

Now I debated on posting any of my pictures, but I decided to show two that I truly love! They are soft and intimate, and make me feel like a million bucks when I look at them!

Hey mamas of the world, whether it be a photoshoot like this or just getting your nails done, do something for you!

Photos were done by Tori Bruno Photography....and no, she didn't give me anything to plug her. I'm just in love with my experience!

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