Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1 Year Being A SAHM- Yeah I Use Acronyms Now!

Time for things I enjoy, like blogging, what's that? I'm pretty much running around like a chicken with my head cut off on a daily basis, but I've decided to give a recap of some of my realizations I've had over the last year.

Took the boys by myself to the Farmer's Market, hair cuts and lunch! #badass

I Do Yoga
I'm pretty sure the hubs thinks my wardrobe consists of yoga pants, nursing tanks, and flip flops; that's pretty much all he sees me in! But if I'm being honest, my wardrobe DOES only consist of those things. Post baby body hasn't quite snapped back yet, and by back, I mean there is still the occasional double chin and a pooch that mimics a fanny pack. But I really do do yoga now. We got a membership at the YMCA and they have child care while I work out. It's a little slice of heaven in my life!

Firsts Are All Mine!
By having the luxury of staying home with all 4 of my hooligans, I get to witness all of their firsts. Layne's first full sentence, Jayce's first smile, Dayton using a fork, Kayden counting to 13 without help; all of these are mine and are extremely rewarding. On the flip side....... I also get to be the first responder to Layne telling me he pooped with a handful of it to show me, Kayden pulling the screen off his window and folding it into an origami creation or Dayton screaming for 12 hours straight during a medication trial nightmare. The positives make all the headaches worthwhile!

Rare moment when Dayton allowed snuggles. 
The lion is having identity issues!

I apparently can't see him!

I'm A Stereotype
Quick, here are all the stereotypical things I do now! Discuss poop with friends. Call the doctor way more than I should. Geek out about baby carriers (really only Tulas, and I'm obnoxious when I see one!) Stroller stare, yeah it's a real thing, I've got to compare features! Take my kids to Target just to strap them into a cart and get Starbucks. Watch a lot of reality shows. Know nearly every theme song to kid shows and can tell you what will happen in each episode. Joined a zillion mom groups on Facebook. <- I possibly refer to those groups as "my people"

Boys who baby wear! Good daddies in the making!

Mom Comes Last
Some might see this as a negative, and I do at times, but in reality, I'm totally ok with it. I know that my kids will only really need me for a short time in the grand scheme of things. Since Jayce was born I've been child free for a total of 3 hours, he's nearly 3 months old, and I was a bag of nerves the entire time. I don't remember the last time I bought clothes for myself that weren't a necessity (nursing bra/tanks), but I can list everything that I've gotten the kids in the last 2 weeks! On the up side, I can make a tube of mascara last 6 months!

Symptom Checker
I've concluded that I am constantly waiting for a ball to drop with one of the kids. When we do checkups at the doctor's I give a list of every "symptom" that they might have for who knows what disorder or disease.

Acronyms Are My Favorite
I think it's a mom thing, but I use a shit ton of acronyms. I like to think that it is because I'm being more efficient with my time, but let's be real, it makes me feel cool! Here's my most used list!
SAHM- stay-at-home mom
TITW- Tula in the wild (It's a crazy Tula/baby-wearing thing)
BF- breastfeeding
BM- breast milk
EBF- Exclusively breastfed
LO- Little one
NIP- nursing in public

I think it's obvious that life currently revolves around my tits.

If only I could read him mind, I'm sure it would just be images of boobs!
Photo Overload
The amount of pictures I take is absolutely ridiculous. I have pictures of our children literally doing everything; sleeping, peeing, pooping, bathing, eating, crying, fighting, playing....EVERYTHING! I like to think that these will all be treasured memories......if they ever get off my phone!

Mom Friends
Being a SAHM can be super lonely at times. I literally go WAY out of my way to try to make friends with other moms. When someone asks, "How's your day?", only another mom can understand and appreciate my answer! It's possible I stalked a local mom on Facebook that I've never met, but heard she stayed at home and arranged for her to come over with her kids to play tomorrow. I've got like blind date nerves, and can only hope my kids aren't assholes! I can just picture her reading this and thinking, "This bitch is crazy!" and totally second guessing our plans!

Now I'm sure there are a lot more things that I could add, and I might. Who knows, if you check back later this post might be edited to add things I thought of at 2 am! I love staying home with the kids though. I remember wondering what I would do with all my time, now I feel like there isn't enough time in the day!