Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why I Freed The Nipple

Hours old and the sweetest moment ever!
I rarely go in depth about breastfeeding. I'm very pro-fed babies, whether it be formula or breastmilk and hate jumping on the "what is best" drama wagon. Recently though, I had a discussion that made me defend my current nursing "situation".

Why nurse your baby without a cover?

Well......if you haven't read any of my previous posts, like this one, I'll fill you in. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to this whole child rearing thing. But in order to defend my nipple exposure, let me tell you why I don't use a cover.

It's Hot
Have you ever been dressed comfortably for the day, then every hour and half to two hours, just put a blanket on just because? No you haven't, because it's dumb, and you'll sweat.

I'm not coordinated.
I tried a cover once. I ended up getting tangled up in, felt like I was suffocating the baby and then was a hot, sweaty mess before he even latched on.

It's work. 
Using a cover is obnoxiously difficult. Total admiration for those moms that can do it make it look like a graceful process, I unfortunately am not one of those!

The baby hates it.
Have you eaten breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner under a blanket or put your head inside your shirt and fed your face? Seems absurd, right? Yeah, the screaming baby that is being forced to do that feels the same way.

Everyone has nipples. 
Are you mammal? Were you a live birth and not hatched out of an egg? If you answered yes, you have nipples, so don't act baffled if you MAYBE see a quick nipple shot when you are being a creeper and staring while I feed my baby.

Have I made my point? Breastfeeding is really hard work, let's not make it more difficult by making moms defend themselves. Don't look and it won't matter anyways! OR you can be a total extrovert like me and go tell those moms that are nursing their babies how great of a job they are doing!

To the nursing moms with or without a cover, in public or in the car, nurse on! You rock!

Just this week, and if you look real can't see anything besides cleavage! 

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  1. Agree 100%. Brantlee hates feeding with a cover. He's so hot blooded anyway, that just holding him makes you warm and sweat. Now add the stress of trying to stay covered and latching him, ugh. Not to mention he screams his head off during all that making him even more heated. Love your posts. Makes me feel like it's all normal. ~Kelsey

    1. Oh I remember the hot blooded baby! That was totally Layne! Couldn't even do fleece sleepers in the winter!

    2. Yes, exactly. We use to use the Aden and anais swaddles but he started breaking out of them and I remembered that someone got us a swaddle sack sleeper. It is amazing! We use the cotton ones because like you stated above fleece is a no go.

  2. Love this!! I breastfed #1 and definitely plan to breastfeed #2 when she arrives in May. Everyone's got nips, so what if they slip!