Sunday, January 31, 2016


Recently I posted this picture of me and the baby on social media. I got the response of, "Oh poor tired mama, no makeup or anything."

Now the problem with that statement was.....I wasn't tired, I just chose not to put makeup on because I wasn't going anywhere. It annoyed me, but I moved on.

I then was talking to my mom, and she told me that she was on her way to a meeting but ended up cancelling it because she forgot to put her makeup on and it would be unprofessional to show up without any on. Ummmm, why?! Not every woman in the world wears makeup.

So I've decided to send a virtual middle finger to the world!

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE makeup. I'm pretty sure I was 4 years old and doing beauty pagents when the love affair with that glorious paint began. My boys are well aware of what makeup is and tell me how beautiful I am after I put it on (maybe because I make them tell me)! But why is it when a woman decides to go without, or go with less than is normal for her, she is then told a million times how tired or sick she looks. I know makeup has been around forever in one way or another, but I didn't realize until recently how dependent everyone has become on it, including myself.

I've decided to challenge myself and every other woman of the world! Can you go without makeup for an entire month? Or go with less? Eyeliner, mascara and blush (when you are see through white like myself, it becomes a necessity) are my go to items, I hate to walk out the door without either one, but I'm locking it all up for the month of February.

So here is the deal! Every day for the month of February I will be posting a picture on my Instagram  (so be sure to follow me) of myself with no makeup on. I will use #GoingWithLess.

Now I challenge you! Can you spend your month #GoingWithLess? Maybe you typically wear the whole works, can you just go with mascara? Or if you are minimal like myself, can you go without? If there is a day, or 29, that you accept my challenge, be sure to upload a picture using the hashtag #GoingWithLess so I can like it, and know that I'm not the only brave soul out there!

Share this with your friends or family, see if they can do it! It's like a group diet, but you can still eat!

 I'm not raising money for anything or supporting a specific cause, this is for no other reason than to show that a woman can spend her day #GoingWithLess while sending a big ol' middle finger to the world that makes it seem like a necessity!

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  1. Awesome idea!! I love this and will be following along!

  2. I am definitely an non makeup wearer on most days. The fact that I work a 9-5 has little affect on this. Occasionally I wear under eye cover up esp becauyas a pregnant person I try to mode my lack of sleep. But that's about it. Once I wore make up to work and my boss asked what the occasion was.