Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When Raising Boys, Just Accept It

I always get the comments of, "Oh man, this one is boy number four, you are going to have your hands full!" Right, because three boys isn't crazy?

In the recent weeks I've come to the realization that I need to just accept a few things in order to make my life easier and stress levels dramatically lower!

We might need some more swings!

There is no fashion sense. 
Whether they wear clothes or not, it doesn't matter to any of my boys. They want long socks with shorts, sandals, a winter cap and cut-off shirt, it doesn't matter to them! What I want doesn't matter. Occasionally I like my children not to look homeless, but what do I know! Fine, wear what you want!

Yeah....That's a pull-up on his head....

I will own nothing nice....EVER!
I have dings from about 4 feet down in every wall the kids have access to. Kayden has ripped family pictures off the wall multiple times, putting a hole in the drywall this last time. Jason's recliner that he got for his birthday in December is about on its last leg. They pull trim off the walls. Rip the lining of their bedroom blinds (for no apparent reason). Scratch my hardwood floors, but yet I haven't kicked them out yet. If these hooligans weren't my "babies," they would have been evicted months ago! Instead, I must breathe and think that one day, they will move out. And when I'm old and they have nice things, I will break their things and blame it on my age.

Kayden's blinds on the left, Layne's on right...... 

Potty training a boy doesn't work with my schedule. 
I'll admit it, every time someone talks about their kids being potty trained and they are the same age or younger than Kayden, a wave of jealousy runs through me. I know, he's four months away from being 3, and it's "normal" for him to not be trained already. But with all the effort I've been putting towards it, he should be shitting in the potty on a regular basis. It turns out though, he doesn't give a fuck. Yeah I said it. He would rather play monster trucks, run around outside, organize his tractors or watch the squirrels out the window. Peeing or pooping in the toilet isn't on his list of priorities, so I guess it isn't on mine either. I have to breathe and think that he will be potty trained by high school graduation, so this won't last forever...at least I hope not!

"Peeing like daddy" has turned into sitting on the bowl....awesome!

Brotherly love is a blessing and a curse. 
The boys LOVE each other so much and I am so grateful for that! Well most of the time. Time-outs serve no purpose at this point. If one gets sent to time out, everyone wants to be there, then it's like "Oh hey bro! I'm just hanging out here, what's up with you?" NOT THE POINT BOYS! It isn't social hour!

One is guilty of eating rocks/dirt, one for throwing rocks and the third just wanted to hang out, any guesses?

Clean isn't in their vocabulary. 
I believe in the saying, "Dirt don't hurt." I let the kids get messy and dirty...on bath days. But I guess daily baths are turning into our new normal, and I can handle that. But why must they insist on the INSIDE of the house being dirty too? Daily mopping is not going to happen. If food drops on the floor, I hear, "It's ok, mommy will clean the floor." Ummmm excuse me? Yes I will clean the floor, because I don't trust a 2 year old with a mop, but that doesn't mean throwing things on the floor is just okay. I know that I should give them the job of sweeping or something, but that seems like a logistical nightmare and it's just quicker for me to do it. So I will just sit here and weep into my mop water. I'm looking forward to the day when I can give them real chores!

Why yes, please dump sand on yourself!

I love them and I'm sure that when the baby gets here, they will welcome him with open arms (and fists, and blankets over the head, and dump trucks to the facel......) And now that I've written this all down, I won't stress these things anymore, well that's my goal at least!

Occasionally they do things together nicely!

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