Saturday, May 2, 2015

Surviving Our First Family Movie Trip.......Sorta!

We had plans today to go to the opening day of the Farmer's Market, but with rain on the horizon, those changed. The idea of taking 3 small children out in the rain just didn't sound ideal. So while laying around with everyone, my husband asked if we should all go to a movie as a family, this would be a first for us. A vision of everyone sitting nicely, eating snacks and being all snuggly flashed into my mind. We quickly got ready and headed out the door, off to see the movie Home.

Layne was so excited, I snapped this mid-stride!

Now I came prepared to the movie. I had the kids' blankets, waters, snacks,Dayton's books and we even splurged for a big popcorn for everyone to share. We got situated. Kayden on my husband's lap, Layne on mine, and Dayton got his own seat. Popcorn was dispersed, snacks were rationed and waters distributed.

The Minion preview was Layne's favorite!

Dayton had a cracker in one hand and looking for more!

We went through one snack package of crackers before the previews were even over....this scared me!

Kayden sat like a champ, except for the occassional, "THERE'S A KITTY CAT! LOOK A KITTY CAT!" Layne danced with every song that came on and Dayton just sat and ate his popcorn. About half-way through the movie I thought that this was awesome. We could do this all the time! I jinxed the hell out of myself for even having that THOUGHT!

It started with a wiggle. Kayden was sitting between Jason and I on the armrest and I felt his little butter covered hands subconsciously slide over and start petting my head, He was being quiet, so I let that slide.

After all, he is pretty cute!

Then Layne took his shoes off and threw his water-bottle on the floor. When I moved the chair to get his water I noticed that while I thought he was eating his popcorn nicely, he was really making a stockpile of it between my legs. That pile went cascading to the floor, and broke his heart. This entire time Dayton sat eating his popcorn and making his occasional vocalizations, sort of sounding like we brought our pet cockatoo with us.

Jayce then shifted in my belly and I suddenly had to pee. For anyone who has experienced this, you know there is no waiting when that urge hits! So I slid Layne to Jason and rushed off, that's when things went downhill. I had broke out the Dum-Dums right before leaving, hoping that would keep everyone content. Well since Dayton eats his in one bite he was searching for more. As soon as I got back, and Kayden (who savors his suckers) was distracted, he snatched it a bit it in half. I quickly ripped it out of his hand, and returned the half-eaten sucker to Kayden, but that didn't stop the shrill that he let out and the tears that ran!

By the end of the movie, which is WAY too long for being a kids movie,  I had Layne in the Tula sling (his new obsession that is meant for Jayce) while dancing around to keep him happy and was playing some sort of defense to keep Dayton in his seat. There was popcorn and crackers in my bra, cracker cheese rubbed into my jeans and what makeup I had on was long gone. And just went I thought we were in the clear, we start walking out and Dayton takes off running. Mind you, we have a back pack, two other children that scatter like marbles and the trash we attempted to when Jason was sprinting towards the door in the direction of Dayton, I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. I'm sure people thought we were all sorts of bat shit crazy today!

The destruction we caused. Keep in mind, we started with only 3 seats!

Our attempt at a family selfie (because everyone else in the theater bolted out), turned into a grainy, wiggly, crying, missing a child, mess!

Will we do this again? Yeah, probably, I think..... It will be months before we attempt again, and at that point there will be another maniac to wrestle around, so we will see! All I know for sure, is that the shower I took when we got home was amazing!

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