Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pure Chaos!- 32 Week Pregnancy Update

Chaos pretty much describes my life right now! With 8 or less weeks left (actually 55 days to be exact), I find myself pretty much losing my shit on the daily. Anyone who has been in a third trimester of pregnancy before can probably relate!

No joke....I was this big on delivery day with Layne......
Weight Gain/Loss: Still hovering around 30 pounds total, but as my lovely father told me, "You're the size of a house!" sweet!
How Far Along: 32 Weeks + 1 Day
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of a head of lettuce....whatever that means!
Baby Buys: I've bought some little things like the tummy stickers for his monthly pictures, the lettering for his walls, and then some necessities like a new ceiling fan and new blinds. The nursery is nearly done!
Movement: With his head in my vagina, his hiccups are driving me bonkers! It's the most awkward feeling ever, and then when he kicks while doing this, it makes me want to lose my shit!
Dreams: Having dreams would require sleeping, and I don't do much of that anymore! If I get 5-6 hours total a night, I'm doing good.
Position: Head down, butt on my ribs with his feet tucked comfortable as you can imagine!
Cravings: I want wings, and Chinese, and ranch, and salad, and onion rings........none of which I have recently indulged in. Living in a town with no place to eat besides Subway makes cravings just an annoyance, because they always go unsatisfied!
Shit that Sucks: I mentioned my lack of sleep. Well it's obnoxious! With no sleep, and children that suck every last bit of energy out of me during the day, I'm a raging see you next Tuesday by the time that Jason gets home after work! I feel terrible about it, and I'm not trying to be a bitch.....just every word that I manage to formulate and then spill into a sentence makes me seem like not a very nice person. Sorry......
Struggles: Apparently there becomes a point when maternity clothes don't fit/fit well........yep...I'm there!
Successes: Our friend scored Garth Brooks tickets for us, and I'm super excited! I'll be 37 weeks pregnant at the time of the concert (she'll be 39 weeks pregnant) it will be a success if we DON'T go into labor during the concert! After is fine, just not during!
Mood Swings: Just call me a hot mess express! People mention the mood swings that happen in the first trimester, but rarely mention the dreaded third trimester ones. Anyone past 30 weeks pregnant is crazy. Certifiably nuts! We are irrational about everything, we cry, we yell, we say hateful things, and then struggle to understand why people get annoyed/irritated with us.......please people, just hug us, love us and help make our requests happen.
Milestones: Still pregnant? Does that count? I can't think of anything monumental right now.
Funny: Kayden (2 1/2) is currently potty training. Which on a side note, is probably the most exhausting task that one can try to tackle at this point. Anyways, he tells us daily everywhere he shouldn't go potty. "Don't poop/pee on the floor." "Don't poop/pee on my blankies." "Don't pee on grandma." We've now added to our list, "Don't pee on the baby." Sweet, right?!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: I wish men understood or had to endure what their wives are going through at this point. Everything hurts. I have no energy. I'm hungry all the time. I feel ugly/huge/unattractive.  I want the house clean, but it exhausts me to do it. I feel the need to prep everything. So with that being said, some men/my husband asks the dumbest questions.
"You can nap, why are you tired?" -I don't sleep. I lay there hoping that I'll sleep, but it never happens.
"We just had dinner. A bowl of cereal already?"  -Yeah, I'm starving. Shut your face!
"Why do you have to clean? It can wait." - Till the morning, when the mess is still here and you are at work?
I'll stop with that, because I get fired up even thinking about it! So to all men, please go above and beyond at this point. Clean, offer to cook, take care of the kids, let her lay down whenever she will be greatly appreciated!

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