Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nursery Sneak Peek!- 34 Week Pregnancy Update

Holy moly! 34 weeks!!!! 5 weeks from TODAY Jayce will be born.....that is unless he decides to arrive earlier (which I would be ok with!)

I thought he dropped....and then I just realized he is huge and taking up all available space!

Weight Gain/Loss: 32 pounds.....ugh! I 
How Far Along: 34 Weeks
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of a head of a pineapple! He's sorta of pokey like one too!
Baby Buys: Too much! That's probably not the answer my husband would like to hear! I just got everything for my hospital bag, some wall decor for the nursery, newborn diapers, a kangaroo top for skin to skin time ($4.50 at a consignment shop, retails for $60, I was SO excited!) and.......... A NEW TULA!!!!!!!!! To be fair, I sold one in order to jusify buying this one! It's a ring sling and feels like love! For anyone that hasn't worn a baby before, newborns love it and a sling is quicker than a Moby wrap!

Pure love! (The picture on the right is just a stock photo from the Tula site!)

Movement: It feels like my ribs/lungs are a wall he is pushing on while he sees how far he can bury himself down below!
Dreams: Still not sleeping in long enough spurts to dream....or remember them!
Position: Still head down and on my right side only....which is completely annoying. My ribs and hip are in constant pain.
Cravings: Food, food and more food.....but all in small portions! I can't take big breaths or big bites, there just isn't any room, so I feel like I'm constantly eating!
Shit that Sucks: Sitting up to do anything...driving, peeing, watching TV.....His feet are so high that when I sit up somewhat straight I can't breathe at all and they dig (which is extremely painful) into my rib/lungs!
Struggles: I'm trying to embrace stretch marks.....trying is the key word. I only got a few with Layne....and now a "few" more. I keep telling myself that I'm getting more because he's a big baby, which is good, and that they are my cliche tiger stripes. I know I shouldn't complain, they are light and aren't deep, but I can only imagine what this deflated balloon will look like when it's all said and done!
Successes: Not sure if it is the full-blown nesting yet or not, but I cleaned and scrubbed our entire basement this last weekend, and our upstairs last night.....tonight/tomorrow I'm going to tackle the main floor and ceiling fans! I love the feeling of a clean house, but not the swollen feet that go along with the work!
Mood Swings: Being a Type A personality AND pregnant is a poor combination. I might have snapped on Dayton's van driver for having no common sense. And I might have gotten short with the checker at the grocery store for how she was bagging my groceries. BUT in my defense, I put all items that should be bagged together on the belt together. Produce, then refrigerated items, then bread, then boxed items, and finally canned goods....She piled all of it and then bagged it with ZERO regard for order or my poor bananas at the bottom of the pile.....
Milestones: Set a c-section date! If I don't go into labor before, Jayce will be evicted on May 26th! Woot woot! I wasn't ok with setting a date until I realized how difficult it is to get a scheduled c-section at the hospital I'm going to. Always easier to cancel it rather than try to get one at the last minute scheduled.
Funny: I had to get my thyroid levels checked today (I've had hypothyroidism/Hashimotos for the last 5 years). Anyways, the lab lady is the sweetest lady ever! She normally gets my vein on the first try, well today they were rolling like crazy and she had to poke both arms. She then told me, "You are so little! I would never guess you are almost done being pregnant!" How sweet is she! I'm pretty sure she just felt bad for poking the hell out of me!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: I'm freaking out a bit! With "D-Day" 5 weeks away, which is only 35 days, I feel completely overwhelmed suddenly! I worried about delivery. Will I go into labor early on my own? What will that be like? Will I have a c-section? Will I be able to nurse this time or fail miserably again? What will he look like? How big will he be? Will the boys completely regress when he comes home? All these questions and more keep me awake at night, and I don't really have a way to put my mind at ease, because there are no answers yet! For someone who likes routine, planning, and predictability......these final weeks are stressful!


Now the nursery is MOSTLY done, I still have a few finishing details left to do, so you are just getting a preview! Our color scheme is gray, white, navy and lime green! We don't have a "theme" and I love it!

Highly recommend Uppercase Living for any decals you might need! They actually stick well, unlike some I've gotten other places before. The mobile is from My Baby Sam on Amazon.

This is pure love and practicality for me! Peg board above the changing table with diapers, wipes, creams, etc.! My husband is great! The ABCs is from Paper Plane Prints on Etsy!

All credit goes to my other half! He built these custom bookshelves and then painted them green. I didn't think I would love them, but I do!

There will be more to come in the coming weeks!!!

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