Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Honey You Need Jesus

That's what I was told by a gas station attendant after I told him that I had 4 boys, 5 and under. I laughed hysterically, because I was just shocked at that response. I normally get, "Woah, you are busy," or, "I bet they keep you on your toes!" But why does having a large family come with so many negative conotations from every onlooker? I've learned a lot by having more than the average 1.87 children.

I don't get embarassed by them....anymore!
When there were just 2, I'd turn red when they would do something to make people stare, like Dayton licking the floor of a store. Kayden handed the urinal cake to his pre-school teacher on Tuesday, asking what it was. She turned red telling the story....I laughed hysterically!

Cat herding should be a profession. 
I compare getting children from Point A to Point B to what it would be like to herd cats. I try to get 2 to go in the same direction and they scatter in opposite directions. Always!

It gets easier. 
I never would think that it would get easier with more little bodies around, but like anything, once you've done it once, every time after that is easier. I cried the first time I took Dayton and Kayden out by myself, they were 3 and 7 months at the time. Now I think of how easy that would be!

Sitters are rare.
Either finding one that is able to take on the herd and pay them accordingly to watch all of them or split them up amongst several people. I'm much too picky and paranoid, so we've been staying home a lot, which is okay, I do love them after all!

We get a private dining room!
We do go out to dinner from time to time. And 9 times out of 10, we either get sat in the FAR back or in our own private dining room. I love it. My children can be children, and I can put their ass in line without the party next to us giving me judgy eyeys.

It's like clockwork, every Tuesday the fridge and pantry are full and by Sunday, I'm scraping together something for dinner. I'm sure I keep several people at Hy-Vee and Sam's employed with the amount of money we spend there, but I've budgetted it in and make it work. The part that scares me to death is that they are boys, and will grow into teenagers that will clear out my kitchen.

Babies are addictive. 
I think once you survive the first three, number four is a breeze. I'm still not getting more than 3 hours of sleep in a row consistently at night, but I find myself thinking, "Hmmm I think I could do one more in a couple years." I then hear Jayce cry, and snap back into reality.

My husband is the bomb dot com!
Although he works a ton to support all of us and has been out of town a lot lately. When he's in town he's home to help with dinner, baths and bed. Lets the kids use him as a jungle gym and gives me a reassuring smack on the ass when I need it most!

The love is out of control!
Waking up to 4 kids who think you are the best thing in the entire world and want to hug and kiss you to death, it's the best feeling ever! Sometimes a bit overwhelming, but wonderful!