Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 Week Pregnancy Update

Well hello 18 weeks pregnant! I feel like time has just flown by! I will say though, I was never pregnant over Christmas before, and it is pretty awesome! Between the, "Here, eat some more," and "You look SO good (because commenting on how fat I've gotten isn't very nice)," comments, I might wear a fake prego belly next year!

Hair went a bit crazy this morning, looking a lot like a head of cabbage!

How Far Along: 18 Weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: About 2 pounds total. Yes this is down from what I put at 16 weeks. I was EXTREMELY sick all of last week with a respiratory thing, and actually was below my pre-pregnancy weight at one point. So I'm trying to gain it back!
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of a sweet potato!
Maternity "Fashion" Fav: Ok so this isn't actually clothing, BUT my husband got me some diamond stud earrings for Christmas. I feel like these are a pregnancy/postpartum/mommy must have! Honestly on days when you don't feel the most attractive, having a little sparkle in your ear can do wonders for your attitude!
Baby Buys: I'm on a baby buying freeze, introduced by the hubs. APPARENTLY I can't continue to buy girl things until after our gender ultrasound next week! What a fun sucker!
Fatigue: I'm exhausted lately, but I think it is more recovering from being sick rather than pregnancy.
Sleep: I now pee while sleeping I think. NO I do not pee my pants, but I've become so accustomed to going to the bathroom then going back to bed that sometimes I don't even remember getting up.
Dreams: Lately I've been dreaming about people from high school. Like people I don't even talk to anymore. And nothing weird, just like running into people at the store, going to dinner with people I've never gone to dinner with, I don't know what that's about, but hey at least they aren't the weird "I'm giving birth to an alien" type of dreams!
Movement: MAYBE once when I pushed hard on my stomach, that or I moved my intestine somewhere else!
Hair: It is completely unruly! Blow drying it exhausts me, so the natural air dry look, has me looking like I put my finger in the electric socket.
Cravings: Krave chocolate cereal.....delicious!
Shit that Sucks: With Layne I got pregnancy induced carpal tunnel in both hands/wrists/arms, but it was when I was like 32+ weeks. Well, as with everything else, that has shown up much sooner than expected. Luckily, as of right now, it is just in my left wrist. It makes doing everything a bit more difficult, because I don't have a very strong grip anymore.......yay!
Sausage Fingers: Rings are still on, all is good!
Struggles: At my last appointment my blood pressure was high. Like scare the doctor high! BUT I had also been sitting in the exam room, while he delivered a baby for 45 minutes, with all 3 children and my husband there! When I had it taken at the urgent care this last week it was perfect......I also had no children with me!
Successes: While the boys were at grandma's house this weekend, we moved Dayton to the basement and unpacked the 10 boxes we haven't touched since we moved! With Dayton out of his old room, we can start the nursery as soon as we know the gender!
Mood Swings: Nothing crazy, but apparently I've developed RBF (Resting Bitch Face). The hubs will ask me, "What's wrong? You look pissed." Nope, not pissed, this is just my face apparently!
Milestones: On Monday (fingers crossed) we will get to find out the gender!
Funny: Now my father-in-law's side of the family is probably one of the most loving and caring families (and a whole lot of crazy) that I could have asked to marry into. This last weekend the aunts and I were talking about the sex of the baby. One of our VERY well intentioned aunts walks behind me, looks at my ass, walks back around and said, "It's a girl." I couldn't control my laughter. Apparently my large ass means it's a girl. I've heard that girls make you pregnant all over while boys just give you a belly. Now if it ends up a boy, I have an aunt that has some explaining to do!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: Several things are stirring inside this head of mine. My dear mother, while visiting for Christmas, asked me if I Photoshop my weekly bump pictures. She said, "But you look good in them. You clothes are cute, your hair is done and you have makeup on." I asked her what she meant by that comment, because I don't have the faintest idea how to Photoshop anything, and if she meant that I look like shit in person. After a whole lot of backtracking she dropped the subject. To say I was annoyed is an understatement. Also, word to the wise. If you have a loving wife/friend/relative that is knocked up and willing to be your DD, your ass better load up when she says it is time to go. Sleep is SO important to the woman creating life, and when that is limited due to your lack of responsibility, it creates an angry mama bear! (for the record, my husband was not the cause of that rant)

Next week is gender reveal week (hopefully)!!! I hope that everyone's holiday season has been well and that your New Year's is safe!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Screw Tradition, We're Makin' Our Own!

I think this is something that everyone goes through at some point in their life. Here I am a grown, adult "child" of my parents'. I have my own family, my own house, and pay my own bills, but yet I struggle during the holidays to stray from MY parents' traditions at the holidays. Then when I throw in the hub's family and their traditions, it's a big cluster fuck.

Prior to kids we would have 2 places to go to Christmas Eve and 2-3 Christmas Day, plus the various other family Christmas celebrations throughout the month of December. This was the tradition we knew, chaos. I hated the holidays. Now don't get me wrong, I love seeing my family and spending time with them, but I hated the schedule we had to hold to. It was always, "Okay we have to leave by 6:37pm in order to make it to the next place relatively close to the expected time."

Things changed last year. Since Layne was just barely a month old at the time and my mom doesn't live close, I got to host Christmas Eve for one side of the family and then everyone else just came and saw us on Christmas Day. It was glorious! There was no rushing or us worrying about if Dayton would have a melt down and no where to escape to or hoping and praying Kayden wouldn't get into a million breakable items, destroying all of them.

Now it's 2014, and I don't have a newborn any more. I struggle with going back to "tradition" or saying fuck it all. I'm going with the later. I've realized that we need to create our own traditions, separate from that of MY family. For literally the first time in my life, we aren't having anyone over for Christmas Eve or going anywhere. I offered to host Christmas Eve again, but my family wants to keep their tradition, which is completely understandable! It's just too damn stressful on us, and I think our families struggle to understand this. I get the, "The kids will be fine." Yeah, they'll be fine because we will be following them everywhere preventing them from destroying everything that isn't kid friendly, but not enjoying the time ourselves and then resenting the other person for making us come. Thus leading to a quiet ride home, because we are so pissed at each other. That shit isn't happening this year. I've accepted the idea of, "If you don't want to come see us, that's fine. Merry Christmas!"

So we are making our own "Snyder Traditions!"

Weeks Prior to Christmas

  • Ornaments
    • I love homemade ornaments, especially ones that help to show how small the kids are at the time. So we made some salt dough ornaments and are giving them to grandparents for presents and also putting them on our tree. They are far from perfect, apparently Kayden has 6 fingers!
Kayden made Santas, Layne Christmas trees and Dayton made Rudolph! 

  • Gingerbread House
    • Well.....it's a goal. We attempted this year, and apparently failed miserably. I don't have the patience to wait for each piece to "set" before putting the next one on and my lovely spouse is too much of "building perfectionist" to be of any help. ..........there's always next year!


Christmas Eve

  • Meal
    • We aren't having a "traditional" Christmas Eve meal. We are doing something simple, finger foods and maybe (if I feel ambitious) something in the slow cooker. 

  • Santa's Cookies
    • We are having the kids help make and decorate sugar cookies for Santa. 
  • Presents
    • The kids get to open their Christmas Eve Box. We started this last year. We include new pajamas, a Christmas book and a small snack. 
  • Movie
    • Once we get cozy in our jams and have read our books, we are going to watch The Polar Express and have our snacks before hitting the sack and waiting for Santa!
Christmas Day
  • We aren't going ANYWHERE! We have various family members swinging by to see the kids, but besides that, it's just us! The kids will open presents, eat cinnamon rolls and play with all of their new toys! After all, isn't that the best way to spend a day with kids!

To some this may seem an extremely boring way to spend the holiday, but to us, it seems perfect. I know that things will change and evolve as the kids get older. There will be new things that we add and maybe somethings we retire, but they will be OUR traditions. Not our parents' that we are struggling to hold onto. Am I sad that I won't see the family that I only see at Christmas? Yeah, but at the same time, I think everyone needs to understand that our lives aren't cookie cutter, and neither are our kids. We have to do what's best for them, and if staying home during the holidays is best for them (and our sanity), then that's what we will do! 

I'm taking a holiday "break" to enjoy the kids! I'll be back in a week or so! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year!  

Friday, December 19, 2014

Gender Prediction Tests Tested!

By now, you are probably as annoyed as my husband with my obsession over the gender of the baby. And honestly, I don't know why I'm SO crazy about it. Prior to actually having kids and even at the beginning of Layne's pregnancy, I thought, "Let's not find out what it is. We'll have it be a surprise!" Well.....I'm a neurotic, Type-A personality, so when it comes to the unknown I found out, I don't cope very well. And the fact that I can't control what is going on within my very own body drives me insane!

So I thought I would put some of these old wives tales and various "scientific" prediction tests through the wringer. Now although we don't know YET what the baby is, because it was being difficult yesterday, hopefully we can get a good guess from the results of these tests, right? And the ones that don't require me to pee in something, I will do it for Layne as well to see if it was accurate!

*Please note these are just for fun! Also, I'm not a professional videographer, so my videos pretty much suck......I've learned, no more vertical videos after this! The hubs was also creeped out that I would pee in a cup that I keep in the cupboard, hey it goes in the dishwasher!......I found clear disposable ones after we already did this......

Bleach and Urine

I highly suggest not doing this one, as it produces terrible (possibly toxic) fumes! If you want to do it have someone else do it for you OUTSIDE! All you do is mix equal parts bleach and fresh pee. If it foams like beer it is a boy. If it "sizzles" like Sprite is supposed to mean girl. I did a bit of research on this one and supposedly male hormones create higher pH levels, hints the beer foam.

Predicted Gender: BOY             Confirmed Gender: ?

Baking Soda and Urine

For this one you use a couple tablespoons of BAKING SODA (not baking powder) and then some fresh pee. No worries with this one, no toxic fumes produced! It is suppose to deal with pH levels as well, so beer foam=boy and Sprite=girl.

Predicted Gender: BOY             Confirmed Gender: ?

Wedding Ring Over the Wrist

I highly doubt there is ANYTHING scientific about this. But at this point, I'll obviously try anything! What you are suppose to do is to put your wedding ring (but I've also heard you can use a cross) on a string/chain/strand of hair (?) and then hold it over your wrist. If someone is helping you, put it over your stomach. If it goes in a circle it means girl and if it swing back and forth, boy. I've also heard of this same test done with a needle and thread stuck into the eraser of a sharp pencil. But if I'm being honest....I don't freaking sew...so those items are hard to come by!

Predicted Gender: GIRL       Confirmed Gender: ?

Chinese Gender Chart

I have MULTIPLE friends that swear by these, and honestly, I like to think they are accurate too! The one that I have been told is the most accurate is the one on Baby Center. I've listed the link below.

Baby Center Chinese Gender Prediction

Predicted Gender: GIRL             Confirmed Gender: ?
Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY .....so this was CORRECT!


So this probably the one I hear of the most often. If the baby's hear beat is above 150 then it's a girl, and if it's below, then boy. At yesterday's appointment it was 140. So......

Predicted Gender: BOY             Confirmed Gender: ?
Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY .....his was in the 140s the entire time.

Placenta Placement

If you are one of those gurus at reading ultrasounds, you may have used this one. There are several studies that show 97% of baby girls implant on the left side of the uterus and 97% of boys implant on the right.

Predicted Gender: unknown, I have an anterior placed baby..... Confirmed Gender: ?
Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY


Ok there are several different mathematical prediction tests I have found. How anyone ever came up with these, I have no idea.

  •  Month & Age of Mom
    • Add the month the baby conceived with the age of the mom at the time of conception. If it is odd, boy and even, girl.. 
    • Predicted Gender: GIRL
    • Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY
  • Subtract from 49 (....wtf?!)
    • Take your age at the time of conception, subtract it from 49, then subtract the month of conception. If the number is even, its a girl and odd a boy. 
    • 49-25-9= 15
    • Predicted Gender:BOY
    • Predicted Gender for Layne:  GIRL
  • Newer Blood
    • Ok this one is out of Ukraine....I've done my research! It is base on the idea that whichever parent has the "newest" blood. that is the sex the baby will have. Apparently men's blood renews every 3 years and women every 4. This one is fucking weird to me (like the rest make perfect sense or something?!)
    • Take the man's age at conception divided by 3, (29/3=9 remainder 2) Then take the woman's age at conception divided by 4, (25/4=6 remainder 1). The one with the smallest remainder wins!
    • Predicted Gender: GIRL  
    • Predicted Gender for Layne: GIRL  

  • Salty vs. Sweet
    • Salty=boy  Sweet=girl
    • Predicted Gender: I like both....does that mean an it?
    • Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY
  • Clear Skin vs. Acne
    • Clear skin = boy  Acne= girl
    • Predicted Gender: GIRL  
    • Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY
  • Sexual Positions
    • Guy on top = boy  Girl on top = girl
    • I'm sorry but if you are able to remember what position your child was conceived in, you are apparently not having sex often enough!

Ok so if you have skimmed through this, by the variety of colors, you can see that I am having a .............BABY! Because the fucking gender is a mystery, and these tests didn't provide any clear answers! We will all have to wait till the week of January 5th to find out (fingers crossed and NOT baby legs)!!! If you have kids or know the gender, did any of these work for you? I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16 Week Pregnancy Update

It seems crazy that I've known I was pregnant for the last 12 weeks! At this rate, I'll be giving birth before I know it! Never mind, we won't bring that up, because both my options (VBAC or repeat c-section) scare the ever lovin' piss out of me still! So on a lighter note, here is my 16 week update!

Getting HUGE (way too early!) but I do love my new shirt I got last week!

How Far Along: 16 Weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: About 4-5 pounds total
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of an avocado!!!
Maternity "Fashion" Fav: I raved about my love of full-panel maternity leggings on my last update, and broke down and bought a couple pair last week. But my new favorite things are maternity camis. No, not the nursing type with the clips where you could accidentally flash someone if you move the wrong way. I'm talking about the super long tank tops that have a bit of padding in the boob area. Not that I need any padding for the girls BUT the weather is getting cold out and the padding helps to prevent the "I dropped Hershey kisses down my shirt in nearly the same spot on both sides" look, if you catch my drift!
Baby Buys: Ahhhhhh I bought girl newborn onesies! No, we don't know the sex quite yet, but they were SO cute! Hubs said that we can take the onesies and hats I bought with us to our gender ultrasound so that we can return them after the appointment! Jerk!
The first one is pink (not salmon like it appears) and I HAD to get them, because they were 30% off with Target CartWheel!
Fatigue: Let's be real, I get a nap nearly every day. After all, one must rest their womb!
Sleep: We got our TempurPedic mattress last week! It is amazing! My sleep has still sucked though, because having a spouse with legit influenza and then another virus who gets up a million times a night to blow his nose....doesn't make for very restful sleep!
Dream: Let's preface this with the fact that I've never been an alcoholic or heavy drinker! I had a dream Saturday night that I was just POUNDING beers...while pregnant. In my dream I kept telling my husband, "One more beer won't hurt the baby!" For the record, that never happened, but I did buy some sparkling apple juice at the store the next day and poured it in a wine glass!
Movement: Occasionally I feel some flutters, but nothing consistent!
Hair: The gray is gone....well for the next couple weeks at least! Hallelujah! Now if the hair growth on my face would slow down, that would be great! I've contemplated just shaving it daily until the baby is born and then getting the shit lased off!
Cravings: Egg/Cheese/English Muffin breakfast sandwiches, Arby's cheddar/roast beef deliciousness and still hot chocolate
Shit that Sucks: My fat days are feeling extra fat! For today's picture I literally took it 20 times trying to minimize the size of my ass while keeping the double chin in check! The struggle is real, and today is just not my day!
Sausage Fingers: They only swell if I eat something salty, but go down after a couple glasses of water.
Struggles: Keeping my entire house "clean" is seriously the most daunting task in the world! With my expanding waist line, my back can't take me sweeping, mopping and vacuuming for several hours at a time without being a pile for the rest of the day. Taking applications for unpaid volunteers to do it for me!
Successes: Took the little boys with me to the mall last week to go to the maternity store! Everyone survived and we only lost a sippy cup! I did have the "How old are the boys?" Followed by, "And how far along are you?" Finished by a fake smile, slight eye roll and a, "That's exciting." I'll cut a bitch, so they can stop with the judgy looks!
Mood Swings: They seem to have leveled out a bit, but they still will creep up from time to time!
Milestones: 4 months along! And we MIGHT find out the gender this week, depending if  "she" cooperates!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: Finding out the gender has been on my mind 24/7 which is driving my husband BEYOND crazy. I get the, "When you find out it's a boy what are you going to do, just give it away?" Are you fucking joking me!? No, I'm not giving my baby away! I will love him like I do the rest of my boys. But the part of me that is wishing for a girl wants it so that I'm not the only female in the house anymore. I want someone to do something with when dad and the boys do "man" things together. I think my husband struggles with my obsession over this just because he doesn't understand what it is like to have something growing in you and NOT know if you can call it a he or a she. The couple day wait till my appointment feels like an eternity!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Bras Gone WIld

It was Tuesday morning and I had the kids with me. I went in because things just hadn't been feeling "right" and I thought I would get checked out. Tears welled in my eyes, as the thing I never thought I would hear spilled out of the woman's mouth, "You need a size F bra."  No. Fucking. Way.

I told her to remeasure, that I'm only 15 weeks pregnant and I already went from my DD to what I was currently wearing, an E. She laughed at me and told me of their buy 3 get 1 free special. I'm not buying more than one of these Guinness World Record bras. Apparently she didn't understand the seriousness of this situation. I'm all too aware of the jump that boobs go through in the 3rd trimester then when milk comes in. It's official, I'm going to be some centerfold for National Geographic about "Woman's Tits Large Enough to Feed All of Africa's Starving Children."

After the good cry I allowed myself in the car ride on the way home, I decided that I would have some fun with the bra that I just bought. I've put together a list of ways that I might use this bra after it is too big for the sweater puppets. After all, my boobs wouldn't be this size forever, right?

Christmas Tree Ornament

Fruit Bowl

Banana Hammock

K-Cup Storage

Candy Bowl

Fashion Forward Female Headwear


Child Kitchen Safety Headwear

Now there were multiple ideas that I was unable to photograph. The short list includes the following:
  • Post-vasectomy ice pack
  • Hanging cantaloupe holder
  • "Get-along" hats for the little boys 
  • Mint/Peanut tray
  • Sling shot
  • Bowling ball polisher
  • Tennis ball storage
  • Snowball maker
  • Toy storage
  • Toddler pillow, "like mommy is holding me"
  • Nicki Minaj child Halloween costume accessory (the butt)
I hope that this put a smile on your face! I guess I just have to embrace the ladies! If you have any other suggestions on how I can up-cycle this in the future, I would love to hear them! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What I Didn't Expect While Expecting #2.....So Far- PLUS Bump Picture

I know that everyone always says that no two pregnancies are the same, but I was surprised by the things that I didn't expect to happen or happen so soon!

I didn't expect that I would pee on a stick and then need maternity clothes almost at the same time.

I didn't expect that my boobs had such "great" muscle memory......didn't ever imagine an F would be my cup size. (A picture tribute to the bra later this week!)

I didn't expect to look SO pregnant this early! (15 weeks and 1 day today)

I didn't expect to already have insane back pain. Between trips to the chiropractor and heat/ice packs, I'm trying to find any relief possible. My dear husband has been promising me a back rub......still waiting......

I didn't expect my lady parts to already hurt like they did when I was 30 some weeks prego last time. Seriously, wtf!?

I didn't expect to already have anxiety about what to name this little person for the rest of her (or his) life! Last time I had the name picked out at practically conception.

I didn't expect my nesting instincts to already kick in. I honestly was cleaning my house at 6am Saturday morning while the kids were at grandma's house while mentally planning a basement remodel and how to do the nursery.

I didn't expect to have such insane emotions. I was barely emotional with Layne and so far every day there is some sort of emotional break down. The hubs isn't much of a fan of this.

I didn't expect to get so many strange looks when people see me pushing our 1 and 2 year old in the double stroller and then notice I'm pregnant. I want to shout at them, "My husband and I love each other VERY much!"

I didn't expect to already hit the, "I'm fat so please don't look at me naked," stage with my husband. As I recall from last time, once I hit the fully round stage it turned into, "Look at this sexy round beach ball," so it's just a matter of time till the lights can come back on.

I didn't expect to regain my energy so quickly. I've been feeling good since 10 or 11 weeks. Being able to take a mid-afternoon nap every day probably helps too!

I didn't expect that I would be prego at the same time as one of my friends (2 weeks apart) and be able to text back and forth our complaints, happy moments and times we feel like slitting people's throats!

And lastly (on a very cheesy note)..........

I didn't expect that I could already love this baby just as much as I love the boys! After all, I don't even know if it is a he or she yet!

Style note: Messy bun helps to hide a ridiculous amount of gray hair! Salon appointment Saturday!
(cell phone pocket courtesy of LP Advertising & Promotions, LLC. ...........you're welcome for the plug mom!)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Spoil the Hell Out of Your Husband

Last Tuesday my guy turned 30 and is now officially on the downhill slide to 60! I felt that I needed to do something to celebrate him. So I planned a day full of "pampering" and surprises designed especially for him this last Saturday!

First we went to probably the coolest barber shop I've ever been to (since I've been to a lot?). It is called The Beard and Mane (located on 23rd and St. Mary's Ave. in Omaha). The vibe is completely retro, with old school barber chairs and everything. And considering the line was out the door when we got there at 9am (Saturdays are walk-ins only, and they've only been there 5 months), and we didn't get out of there till 12:30pm, I'd say it was worth the wait. They trimmed the beastly beard and did a straight razor shave on his head. He LOVED it! Justin (the barber) was hilarious and him and his partner (business not romantic) Matt and him banter back and forth making the wait enjoyable. If you can stand a bit of raunchy "man talk", I would totally suggest having you take your guy there!

No, Justin the barber wasn't mad, I may have been sneaking the picture and got caught!
Our next stop was for massages. He's had one before, so he knew what to expect. What I DIDN'T expect was for his masseuse to be a dude that looked like he could bench press 450 pounds. I struggled to contain my laughter while we were waiting as I imagined Jason getting rubbed down by this burly man. But from what I was told he had, "hands like a woman." Good to know, good to know......maybe I'll request him for myself next time!

We then went to go get him his first pedicure. Nothing too exciting, he enjoyed it and turned down the girl's offer to put clear polish on! I then surprised him with a suite at Hotel Deco XV downtown followed by dinner at 801 Chophouse.

I had arranged for all of his friends and family to meet us at the casino to finish off his celebration. He was SO surprised and thankful for everyone to be there. I'm pretty sure he had too many Budweisers, but it was well worth it!

As you are reading this you are probably thinking, "Ok, what's the point?" The point is, wives/girlfriends tend to expect their significant other to spoil them on various special days throughout the year. But is that ever returned? Do women ever plan a day just catered around their man? The truth is, that rarely happens. but I think it needs to happen more often.

In our situation, Jason is the bread winner, hell he is the only one that  brings home any bread! He works an ungodly amount of hours a week and then has to listen to me bitch about who knows what when he gets home! For all of that, I think he deserved this!

So ladies, stop being selfish, and give back a little. Men, if your lady spends weeks planning a special day for you, be sure to show your gratitude to her.......I'm sure you think of a way or two!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

14 Week Pregnancy Update

After writing my last (and first) pregnancy update, I've decided to re-write the questionnaire to fit my personality a bit more, and to add some things that I would like to remember. But please, if you haven't already read my posts with a sarcastic tone, start now. Otherwise you will be thinking. "Bitch is arrogant as hell!"

Attempting pictures with my face until the double-chin becomes too much to handle!

How Far Along: 14 Weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: Hovering around 2 pounds total still
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of lemon - This is CRAZY to me! It feels like just yesterday it was the size of a sesame seed!
Maternity "Fashion" Fav: How people have ever lived without full panel maternity leggings in the past I will never know. They are SO comfy! I only have 2 pair right now, but I'm going to be investing in some more to get me through the winter! I will say, my husband isn't as much of a fan. High school girls should wear these to help prevent teen pregnancy.....a bit harder to get into them!
Baby Buys: I broke down and bought some super cute little girl hats! I think it was on a day when my boys were destroying everything and I was desperate for some estrogen. We also started stocking up on diapers on Black Friday.
Sleep: We are buying a new mattress this weekend, because my sleep SUCKS! Tossing, turning, peeing, tossing and then some more turning! Considering we have never bought a new mattress, I would say it's due!
Movement: Nothing yet......or so I can confirm. I thought felt some flutters. but shit. it was probably gas.
Hair: I know, I know, you are probably looking at my new bump picture and thinking, "Damn, she's fine!" followed by, "Scrunched hair? There isn't any humidity to fight!" Nope there isn't, but there sure is some gray hair to fight! I had some before (ok, a shit ton) before becoming pregnant, but I could go a bit between colors. Add in hormones and pre-natals, I get colored and have gray popping through the next week!
Cravings: Still Chinese, and hot chocolate (not together) but I'm also in this yogurt and granola kick
Shit that Sucks: I feel like I'm competing with my husband in who can grow the most facial hair.....nasty, right!? Thank god I can wax my own face, but I should take out stock in it for as much as I have to use.
Sausage Fingers: They aren't swollen yet, so the rings are still on!
Struggles: I was a caffeine junkie with Layne, which the "what if" side of me contributes to him not being a fat baby. So I'm limiting myself to 1, 8 oz coffee or tea a day. IT'S FUCKING TERRIBLE.....especially on days like today where I try to be an all-star wife and get up early (5 am) to make my husband a hot breakfast for his birthday before he has to leave for work.
Successes: Shaved my legs today! Anyone who has been pregnant understands how this becomes more and more difficult as the weeks pass.
Mood Swings: Oh hell yes! From crying to screaming.......USUALLY always an overreaction!
Milestones: HELLO 2nd TRIMESTER!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: I'm SO happy to be getting some more energy back so that I can actually clean my house and be productive! At the same time though, part of me wishes that I was still exhausted all the time.......an excuse to be lazy is always nice! Also, I feel like I need to wear a shirt that says, "It's not Busch Light, it's a baby!" That way people can stop staring at my doughnut stomach. Oh you don't know what a doughnut stomach is. Its the fact that my belly button will never turn out (at least it didn't with Layne), so my stomach consistently looks like a giant doughnut in anything that isn't my husband's t-shirt.

Thanksgiving Day FAILURES And A Whole Lotta Love

We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time on Thursday for 20 of our family members. For the first time in my life we didn't have a minimum of 3 different places to go and it was wonderful! As splendid as the day was, there were a few fails of the day!

Stuffing SUCKS
I've made stuffing before......Stove Top. But for the holiday I thought I would make REAL stuffing from scratch. So I searched Pinterest for days looking for a traditional recipe and a "creative" recipe. Now I pride myself on being a pretty damn good cook, but I'm embarrassed to say, my stuffing was fucking disgusting. My sweet family tried to tell me it was good, but it was awful! And then to make things better, as I'm taking it out of the oven, I spill an entire pan of it into the bottom of the oven. I wanted to cry. Let's just say, I'll stick with Stove Top from now on!

Wine. What wine?
Thanksgiving isn't complete unless there is some wine being poured and a cousin and/or aunt having a glass or two too many. But I was the sober hostess, so thinking of picking up wine at the store didn't even occur to me. My cousin thought she would make a wine run to the gas station........we live in Underwood. Beer and candy bars is about as good as you are going to do! So for the first time in what I think is all of our memories, we were wine free during the holiday!

I forced my family together on this special day, including my parents who have now been divorced for 20 years. To say I was impressed with their behavior and that they sat at the SAME table is an understatement. That is, until we ate....... I hear my dear father say, "Linda, what did you make here? (pointing at the various dishes on the table)" Not even waiting for a response, I tell him, "Dad she didn't put poison in anything! Seriously!? Just make your plate!" He just smiles and puts his head down, knowing that I know him too well and he should just stop now.

So was it a total failure? No, overall it came together wonderfully. But I definetly learned a little about what to do differently next year. Use Stove Top. Stock up on alcohol. Make my father's plate for him!

 My grandparents. 60 years of some southern lovin'!
(photo courtesy of my cousin's Facebook page.....stole it.....sorry not sorry!)