Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dear Little Girl, Your Brothers Have Big Plans for You

Dear Little Girl,

We've forever been a boy family. Our world has been dirt and bugs. Cars and tractors. And the colors blue and green have ruled our closets.

That is, until the day we found out that the baby in my belly that was growing and causing me so much discomfort was a little girl. Oh how our world immediately got turned upside down.

When we told your big brothers about them getting a sister, they weren't surprised. It was as if they already knew, and I think that intuition will continue between all of you for years to come. They also got really excited for all of the plans they were going to make for you. And I'll warn you, some of them are pretty wild!

You are our princess and will wear a crown.
You still have just over 7 weeks in my belly and own three tiaras. I know its a bit absurd, but Kayden insisted on it. You don't have to wear them every day he said, but he would prefer if you did. When he complains in a few years that you are sassy, bossy and always want your way; I'll remind him how he created that pink sparkly monster.

You are to always have your nails painted.
Based on Kayden's claim of you being our princess, you are also suppose to keep your nails done. He even talked me into buying you some baby polish and thinks that they should be painted by the time he visits you in the hospital after you are born. I'm going to say that probably won't happen; after all, you and I will just be in survival mode at that time.

You can't wear pants.
I bought you some jammies the other week and got eye rolls from your brothers, they insist only dresses for you. Girlfriend, I will overrule this one all the time on your behalf! As much as I love dresses myself, a girl needs some good jeans and leggings. Don't fret, they won't win that battle.

You are to snuggle them as much as possible.
I have a feeling that daddy and I will have a hard time holding you, because we will be fighting your brothers for a chance. Kayden and Layne have been practicing with their baby dolls, but we are still working on not squeezing/holding you around the neck. I'm not making promises about Jayce though. He's warmed up to my belly lately and talks a lot to you, but he also might not be a fan of you for awhile, give him time! I know he loves you and will love on you eventually!

You are to do great things.
I know this sounds cliche and you aren't even born yet, but your big brothers want to be sure you will rule the world. They've vowed to watch over you and protect you. They want to be sure you do amazing things once you get here. {I'm ok if that amazing thing initially is sleeping 3-4 hours at a time right out of the womb} But know no matter what you do, you've got some great men {daddy included} who love you more than you'll ever know and can't wait to get to know you!

So here we sit and wait for your arrival. Pink, purple, sparkles and flowers have consumed what was an empty bedroom upstairs. We field questions from the boys every day on how you are doing, if they can feel you kick and if it's July yet.

You keep growing girly! And rest up in there, because once you arrive, you've got a whole world to conquer and you're brother's will be sure it happens!


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