Monday, December 26, 2016

New in 2017 - The Time Has Come!

The time has come,
the world should know.
Our "little" family
has decided to grow! 
July is the time
the baby is due.
Everyone has asked
will it be pink or will it be blue? 
We don't really care,
and it sounds cliche,
but we just want everything
to go smooth and okay. 
Yes, it was planned.
There was no 'oops' to be had.
We love big families,
and being mom and dad. 
No, there will be no more.
The factory will be done.
Five little faces is what we want,
they make our hearts overrun. 
Yes, we might be crazy,
and that we can accept.
But this our circus,
and we have become quite adept. 
So we will take your well wishes,
and your words of joy!
We are ecstatic for this chapter,
and the new one we will get to enjoy! 

We had a lifestyle photo session with Tori Bruno Photography and that's when I told Jason that he was going to be a father of five! These photos make me laugh hysterically! I was expecting a "wow" reaction, and instead I got a "Oh, ok. Cool!" But I love these so much!

Also, this whole pregnancy thing has me exhausted and nauseous; and that's why my blog has been slacking! Please forgive me!

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