Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Could Be Skinny But.........

I weighed myself this morning while eating a brownie, and writing this while drinking a beer, maybe that's my problem.....

I use to be chunky, then got super fit and skinny, now I'm a bit doughy again. I mean, I COULD be skinny, but.......

I love brownies, cakes, pies, doughnuts, cookies, or anything else sweet.

I feel that dessert should be served first at meals. The threat of not having room for dessert is real.

Who am I kidding?! There's always room for dessert.

Bread is probably one of God's greatest gifts.

Then there is butter, no explanation needed.

I hate running, I unwilling chase children all day, why do it on purpose?!

I don't crave vegetables unless they are drenched in dressing.

Alcohol is high in calories, I have four children, children drive me to drink; therefore many calories are consumed.

I enjoy the actual act of eating and tasting good food. If I didn't enjoy it, I'd probably be my "ideal size" according to Weight Watchers.

I have no desire to wrap myself in plastic, put drops on what I eat or take pills to "get fit." Getting in shape takes hard work and dedication, and I don't think they sell that at Target.

On a body positive note, check out this smoke show that my husband gets to see every day (and ocassionally naked)! No filter, no makeup, messy hair, nursing tank, pajama shorts, and *cough* maternity underwear still! I mean see those lines on my stomach which use to be where my abs were defined. The black mark isn't a smudge on the camera, it was a poor decision I made as a teenager. Then there is that badass scar down low where I was pretty much cut in half and my babies came out of. I've got those faint-ish stretch marks all over my hips and belly that I daydream of what they could be, the way that people look at clouds and see bunnies.

I could tighten it up and get back to what I was a few years ago, but hell, I'd rather be happy! I pretty much ate air, never went out and worked out 6 days a week, no thanks! I enjoy living life much better!

I asked a couple friends their reasons for not being skinny. Their responses are exactly why we are friends!

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  1. I love food too. If I have money and I had to choose between food and clothes I would ALWAYS almost choose food. I love good quality food. I feel ya on this post! LOL.