Monday, January 25, 2016

It Won't Last Forever

Dear Sweet Child of Mine,

Lately you've wanted to be rocked before bed. We've never rocked you before bed until now. Tonight, as I hear you lay next to your door and cry for me to rock you more, I realize it won't be forever.

Too soon you changed the word mama to mommy, and before I know it you will only call me mom.

Soon you will no longer require me to wipe your hands and face after you get done eating.

Before I know it, my kisses will not make all of your owies better, especially those on your heart.

In time you will no longer need me to read to you, instead you will read your own stories.

A time will come when I'll no longer need to help you get dressed or even pick out your clothes.

Bathtime will eventually change from play time to private time.

Your little fingerprints won't always cover the windows in the car or the surface of the table.

Mornings spent snuggling in our bed before dawn will fade to you sleeping in late.

Eventually I will not be the only woman you love or the hand you want to hold.

The day will come when the house is quiet and you are busy with your own things.

So tonight, when you cry for me to rock you, I will. I will rock you until your little eyes close and you are ready to lay in your big bed. I will rock you until you no longer want me to rock you anymore, because afterall, this won't last forever.

With tears in my eyes and I write this and I realize how quickly the years will fly by,I love you sweet child of mine, more than you will ever know!


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  1. I totally agree. I have 5 kids and 3 are already grown, one is a teen who is always gone, but my last is 6. My six year old still wants to snuggle with me, hold my hand and just spend time with me in general. Since I have older kids I know how fast childhood goes by so I am savoring my youngest. Even if I am busy, if he asks to snuggle I stop what I am doing and snuggle. That is more important than what I am doing...

  2. They grow up just so darn fast! 😕

  3. So true! Reading this makes me tear up. I'm right there with you. My little guy has been asking to be rocked lately before sleeping in his big boy bed. I don't even want to think about the day he doesn't need me to help him go to sleep. :(