Friday, February 10, 2017

When My Husband Pushed Me to an Uncomfortable Place

I've been staying home with the boys for coming up on three years, and blogging nearly as long. It's been equal parts trying, exhausting and fun.

My blog has been my outlet for all things creative and social. I've connected with people that otherwise I would've never known. You, my readers, are my virtual social group of friends! Having that has helped my people person personality not go crazy while stuck in the four walls of our home, so I have to share something with you!

Something crazy happened two weeks ago....

My husband got a message from another woman (scandalous, I know!) and she propositioned him something. I had heard of people doing this type of thing, and rolled my eyes when he suggested that I try it.

Curiosity peaked though a few days later when I received a package in the mail. So I gave it a try. HOLY BUCKETS! My eyes were opened to a whole new world!

It started sort of rough, but the result was so smooth, my lips felt better and my eyes had a new glow. I knew I had to repeat this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Do you what to know what I got into thanks to my husband?

{dramatic drum roll please}

RODAN+FIELDS!!!{imagine I just sang that to you in some beautiful Broadway like voice}

I am beyond excited! The mystery woman was a local friend asking my husband if he wanted to get me some stuff for Valentine's Day. My husband, knowing all the complaints I've had about my skin knew the answer was yes.

After my first night using the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, Multi-Function Eye Cream and the Lip Renewing Serum I was hooked. Jason had mentioned me getting into being a consultant and I shrugged him off. I'm busy. I have four kids with a fifth on the way. I couldn't also be working!

Then sitting at wrestling practice and talking to our friend, the idea seemed more doable. I didn't have to do parties, or meet a sales quota. I could work as little or as much as I wanted to. There was no inventory for me to keep. The positives just kept adding up....

So I took the plunge and became a Consultant! {and the crowd goes wild!}

I'm so thrilled. I'm also scared to death of failing or not giving everyone and everything the time they deserve, because I'm stretched a bit more. But I haven't felt this level of joy or purpose since I started staying home. I can contribute to the family income, but still be with the kids. I don't have to worry about maternity leave, because I'm in charge of my hours. I can do this!

Here's the deal everyone reading this!

I want you! I want you to try these amazing products! Whether you go for a full regime or you just want to try the Multi-Functional Eye Cream for your dark circles, puffiness and crow's feet; if you become my customer and place an order with me in the next two weeks, your name will go into a drawing for a FREE Lash Boost (hey that's like me giving you $150, wowzers)!!!

Visit my site, and shop around! Please contact me with any questions or to place your order! Now this is important to remember, when used correctly, all these products will last you at least 60 days! AND if you don't like the product, there is a 60 day money back guarantee!

I'm excited to try more of the products I've heard so many wonderful things about! The Lash Boost that I'm going to give away does AMAZING things! Check out Sara's results! This is my Sponsor, she didn't photo shop this and I awkwardly stared at them during wrestling practice on more than one occasion, so I know it's real!

I wouldn't have taken this leap in life if it wasn't for my husband pushing me to do it, and for that I am so grateful! So here is to a new chapter and bombshell skin!

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  1. Haha, Nicole! You make me laugh! :) So glad you joined my team!