Monday, October 3, 2016

To The Mom On the Day Your Kid Loses Their Sh*t in Public

Hey mom over there at the grocery store whose kid is screaming while throwing groceries out of out of your cart! Oh and the mom whose child is screaming, "Don't beat me," while they run from you in the parking lot. Let's not forget that mom of the kid that just sat down in the crosswalk screaming they can no longer walk. I see you, because I've been you....more than once!

Please note the lady smiling in the background, she gets the struggle!
But I have to tell you something, it's ok! I know you are sweating. Inside you are screaming every curse word under the sun and you might even contemplate leaving them there screaming their heads off in hopes that some nice old lady will take them for a few hours and feed them something other than hot dogs and chicken nuggets.

In reality though, every person around you that has had or been around a child before knows that this happens. Your irrational, probably overtired, maybe hangry offspring is acting like kids do some days. No one cares. And no worries, the grumpy old man, that has never been around kids before and is stuck back in 1949, who IS judging you and giving you the side eye, I'm sure my kid will kick him in the shins when we walk by!

I say this because this could be me or any other mom any day of the week, including maybe tomorrow.

My "day" of all days was the other day at the zoo. My four year old ran from me more times than I could count. He wouldn't listen to a word I said. When I peeled him off the playground set and took him to the bathroom, he screamed to every person we past, "Please don't spank me! I'll go to time out instead!" An innocent mom got a dirt clot thrown at her, and an elderly woman got hit with a stick.

Then there was the moment that my almost three year old disappeared only for me to find him on the zoo's train tracks waving to the train that had just departed. I about died!

We went home, survived till bed time, and then restarted from scratch the next day.

Being a parent is a tough, thankless job most days, and some days you cry because you are so stressed! But stop worrying about what everyone that sees your crazy is thinking. If I saw you, I'd buy you a coffee, give you a hug and smack your ass, because you've got this girl!

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