Sunday, October 30, 2016

The 3 Stages of Mama Bear Warnings

When a mother has a child she not only gains a new little person to love, but she also grows a second self; a Mama Bear. 

Mama Bear is there to protect that little human from everything in the world that might hurt it in any way.

No one can ever actually see this self, but there are times when she makes her presence known. I'm sure you've seen one before, I know mine has made it's appearance more than once.

There was the one time I walked into daycare and saw my baby laying in the crib screaming with tears running down his cheeks. 
Or when someone fed my baby something that was known to give him a bad diaper rash. 
And that time I watched my son fall on the playground and eat rocks while staff members just chatted among themselves.

But I reined her in, put her on a leash and told her to have a glass of wine and chill out.

I try to keep her tucked away in that deep dark cave tethered to the wall. And she tries to poke her nose out every once in awhile; but she quickly gets reprimanded and put back in her place!

But Mama Bear can only hold back for so long before that rope gives way and she comes flying out of that cave with rage in her eyes.

Mama Bear can be a bitch when the situation calls for it. I like to think that she has three stages of protection!

A Claw Rub to the Shoulder 
She's being nice. She's hoping this firm shoulder rub during an informal meeting will help you to check yourself. She's giving you the benefit of the doubt, and constantly checks for understanding. She's hoping that this subtle approach will sink in.

Claw Slapped 
Metaphorically speaking; Mama Bear just slapped the shit out of you hoping to knock some damn sense into you. You've somehow done something that truly impacted her baby. You are at fault. You can think she's crazy, but really she's defending her family. She's giving you a stern warning. Back off. Get it together. 

Mauling Mama 
It's on like donkey kong! Full blown outrage at this point. She got a taste of blood, her teeth sunk in and she's going to tear you limb for limb. She's going for the jugular. Watch out. At this point you are probably regretting all of the shitty choices you've made up to this point. But that little person she was created to help to thrive and survive is her priority; not your feelings.

There are a whole host of reasons that a mother's alter ego can break out of hibernation; child care issues, school problems, health concerns, etc. But one thing is true, as mothers we are designed to have this side of us for a reason. We are to protect our kids, in whatever way that means. That gut feeling that tells you that Mama Bear needs to break out is there for a reason!

To anyone on the receiving end of this, steer clear. There is no winning when you've in some way hurt someone's child. You can apologize, and should, but do not for a moment think that Mama Bear will forget this moment. That crazy bitch remembers everything, and she'll recall it for you if you need her to!

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These are Kayden and I's "don't mess with us" faces!
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