Thursday, October 20, 2016

Parenting Survival Toolbox

I feel like I'm sorta cheating on my audience by keeping a few secrets from you, like all of my favorite things!!! No worries people, no one is paying me a dime to tell you this---actually I wish someone would pay me! With that being said, I'm sharing these secrets without any other motive!

Are you ready to hear how I survive being in a house with 4 boys 6 and under?!

Compression Socks
No, I am not 80. Yes, my blood is a flowin'! I discovered compression socks when I was 19 and had to wear them for a surgery. I stuck them in a drawer, never to look back! Then when I got pregnant with Layne I became a "sweller," and pretty much have been ever since. A potato chip makes me puffy! Cue the compression socks! They are like yoga pants for my calves, ankles and feet. If you haven't tried them, you are missing out! I just Amazon Primed {yes, I made that a verb} a six pack of awesomeness!

Yes, yes I do!
Kidloland (iOS or Android)
PEOPLE! Run and download this glorious app on whatever device you allow your kids be on! We are strictly a "PBS content" type of family, so I was skeptical about the content of this. Well it totally impressed me!

It has nursery rhymes, stories that can be read to them or read independently, phonics, interactive educational games, and literally SO much more! It keeps my 2 year old occupied on those morning (ok, every morning) when he is up before I've managed to guzzle my first cup of coffee! Oh and my 4 year old that hates "working" at home, LOVES the phonics section of it! This is completely mom approved!

Spin Again
We got this from a relative for Jayce's first birthday and it honestly is the best toy we've ever owned. Every single one of my kids play with it and they will even, *gasp* play together nicely with it. If you are looking for one of those elusive gifts for a little one, throw your money at this! You won't regret it, I promise! ......also if the recipients have hardwood floors, it'll provide another gift! Lots and lots of sounds!
Fat Brain Toys Spin Again Toy Baby
Photo credit to Fat Brain Toys
Dry Shampoo
I didn't know what dry shampoo was until I was a mom, and then I saw on all of these mom groups people raving about it! I set out on a search for this magical spray that would be made up of unicorn sprinkles and fairy dust and allow me to look like I didn't just spray my hair down with vegetable oil and then throw baby powder in it!

Well I'm on a strictly Target like budget and have no room for "fancy" brands. Search no more, Batiste Dry Shampoo for the win! I found it at Target for six bucks and haven't looked back! You can get it in different scents and colors, AND it actually comes out of the can DRY! Who would've guessed! Every other dry shampoo I've tried came out wet, which made no sense to me!

Yoyoboko Chore Chart
I always set out with good intentions of following through with chore charts and rewards, and I always fail! It just becomes such a pain to keep track! THEN I found this beauty of a chart! It's magnetic, is available for two or four kids, and has a boatload of pre-printed chore options. Plus you are able to customize it easily.

Now I was going to use this for the boys to get rewards for helping out, being independent and going above and beyond (which it can still do that). But after some recent events in our house (if you follow me on Instagram you are aware of these), I realized my kids need to learn how to be humans and not savage beasts again. Yoyoboko Chore Chart to save my sanity, the week! The kids are working to earn back their toys that the evil trash bag took from them! So far, so good!

I know a lot of bloggers out there are trying to push projects, because they get a cut of it, and that is awesome! Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you; that's not me! I'm not making a dime from divulging all of my secrets to you! I literally am just trying to help a parent out! So go and get on with your compression socks wearing, app downloading, toy buying, dry shampoo spraying, chore chart self! And maybe some wine drinking, I always think that helps!

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  1. Love this so so much! I'm going to be running to Target for that dry shampoo!