Monday, September 26, 2016

Chronicles of a Reluctant Hippie

I've preached and preached and preached about how I'm anti-crunchy, anti-hippie and pro everything that's suppose to be bad for you. I mean did you ever read I'm Not Crunchy....Just Cheap & Lazy and I Hate "All Natural" Parenting.....let me eye roll myself! Now I still stand by what I said before, because I wasn't then who I am now. I wasn't the mom I am now.

But something happened on Saturday, and I'm embarrassed! I hit that pinnacle of crunchy, hippie mom-ness that ushers in SO many different things!


If you follow me on Instagram you saw this on my story (and if you don't, get with the program and follow that shit)!!! But for those of you that missed it, I'll explain.

I'm THE hairiest person on the planet! I mean I feel like it was pre-wax days, I'd be some sort of side show freak! I was doing my weekly maintenance on the brows when I got wax in my eyebrow. I panicked! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! Well I broke out a jar of coconut oil and it took the wax off. But I didn't stop there. I rubbed it all over my damn face. It felt freaking amazing! A few hours later I FaceTimed my mom while I was make-up free, and she said, "Wow you look great!" Guys, it was that freaking coconut oil!

So here I stand. Holding up my hippie flag, and wondering if I get like a hemp necklace as some sort of covert signal to all of the hippie moms of the world that I am on their team now?

This wasn't done overnight though. Reaching this level of hippie-ness has taken some time.

It started with breastfeeding Jayce. And surprisingly it worked, unlike my first attempt with Layne. And here I stand now an "extended breastfeeding" mom! Let me pick my jaw up off the ground now, because I can't believe I just admitted that! He's 16 months now and will wean by the time he goes to college I'm sure!

Babywearing has been a thing for me for a long time out of necessity, but I became obsessed with it with Jayce. Miraculously he learned to walk though (at 10 months old), despite many people that were worried he'd be delayed because I held my baby too much. eye roll, eye roll, eye roll

Then I started cloth diapering. HOLY SHIT! Literally! But that seems to work for us and saves us money like mad!

Essential oils made their way into our house and got rubbed all over everyone and diffused in everything.

And now here I stand with coconut oil on my face! 

Hippie moms, you fucking rock! I've given you a hard time for a long time....and still sometimes do, but you've got it going on! You are doing what works for you and your family! Bravo to you for going against the grain to do what is best in your eyes!

Maybe I'll make it past the hemp necklace level and onto the dreadlocks level..... Just searching for an all-natural deodorant, a kombucha recipe I can brew at home and how I can fashion my backyard into a free-range chicken coop with goats roaming for milk.

(Please don't take offense to this. I love you all! I'm really making fun of my own hypocritical ass!)

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