Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Camping: Fantasy vs. Reality

We recently bought a camper, and I’m beyond excited about it! I wasn’t raised in a camping lifestyle, but I was always jealous of kids that were! So when the hubs and I took the plunge and got one, all of my thoughts shifted to how much fun we were going to have with the boys and the memories that would be made.

The camper came home on Thursday night and like any other crazy people, we decided we would take it out of Friday for the long Fourth of July weekend……along with every other RV and tent owner!

Our failed attempt at a picture on the water's edge!

And then the crazy began, and I realized how different my fantasy of camping versus reality was!

Bunk Beds

Fantasy: Every kid will get their own bed! It will be glorious, because we won’t have the “He’s touching me/taking my blanket/looking at me,” argument!

Reality: It’ll look like a rave with strobe lights till midnight, because the genius who put the camper together gave every bunk their own flip on/off light, or two and children were blessed with fingers that have to touch everything! Not to mention multiple kids falling out of the bunks on different nights, and onto their siblings, waking everyone!

Because this is totally safe!
Outdoor Fun

Fantasy: The kids will run outside and play like crazy until they are dead on their feet!

Reality: It rained for nearly our first 24 hours straight and the kids ran back and forth in the camper like we had just given them 12 candy bars….so much so we drove the 5 miles back home for nap on day 1!
We did make it to the playground eventually!

"Mom the tree is all fuzzy! Let me rub it!"

No he isn't twerking.....just walking like a bear!


Fantasy: We will sit around the campfire and cook s’mores and hot dogs while laughing and looking at the stars.

Reality: Kids will throw every goddamn item they can into the fire until mom loses her shit and then we will sit inside while dad cooks the hot dogs and s’mores and brings them inside. And when they are around the fire, they will get so damn close mom will have multiple episodes of pure panic!
This was a rare moment....and it lasted for 37 seconds!

How to keep a baby away from the fire!

Technology Free

Fantasy: We will focus on family time and not have any screens, because kids can be outside looking at nature.

Reality: Technology withdrawals are legit and we might've just drove home to get the iPad because a 2 year old at 6am when everyone else is either sleeping or in their pajamas is too much to handle before the coffee has been brewed!

Fantasy: Everyone one will sit by the lake for hours casting and if we are lucky we will catch a few.

Reality: Mom and dad will cast out for everyone while they reel it in as quickly as possible! One will get lucky and catch a fish! Oh, and this will all happen for ten minutes, and then they are over it and want to leave, throw bobbers in the water, play in the mud or all of the above!

Layne caught it by himself! He was very proud, but needed some help from dad getting it out of the water!

Paitence had worn off.
"Mom I'm just going to shoot the fish, ok?" -Kayden

Relaxing Evenings

Fantasy: Kids will go to bed at a decent hour, and we will have some lovely couple time drinking around the campfire!

Reality: Children become allergic to sleep and once they finally crash, we run to bed as quickly as possible because we are exhausted!

Camping “Neighbors”

Fantasy: We would make friends with whoever was around us and maybe share a beer or two with them!

Reality: Our kids would ask repeatedly “where’s that old guy’s shirt,” while Jason hears the man’s entire life story, and we wouldn’t see our other neighbor except for him to come borrow our hose.


Fantasy: Kids will get dirty, but we'll hose them off before bed, it'll be fine!

Reality: Mom's OCD in a brand new camper kicks in and the kids that are MUDDY as hell have to strip outside before they are allowed in!

After all of this though, I’m still super in love with camping! We had more time with daddy than we have in a very long time and it was amazing! I look forward to many more exciting mini-vacation weekends to come!

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  1. I'm dying! This is not only hilarious but so true.... Oh the fantasy and reality of all things with kids differs so greatly!

  2. Kids are so unpredictable. We can have all the realistic expectations in the world and it's never enough.

  3. Hahaha, so funny! I'm glad despite all the twists and turns, ya'll still had a good time :)

  4. This is so similar to our first camping trip! The kids were up SO LATE, and it was cold, and the people camping next to us had 4 dogs who were always coming to explore our site. Not at all like I thought it was going to be haha!