Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Husband is the Okay-est Dad Ever

Often times you hear people say how "perfect" of a father their children have, I've said it before too. But I've realized that calling someone perfect is just setting them and everyone else up for disappointment at some point or another.

So here is to the most okay-est father and husband ever!

You have the ability to fall asleep on the couch while children are loud as hell and running wild around you. You can't always make it to appointments or events, not because you don't want to, but because it just doesn't work out. Sometimes you yell when you are upset, instead of speaking "gently." You work more hours than most, and occasionally miss baths and bedtime. Some days you zone out on your phone instead of playing monster trucks. You either have the slowest bowels on earth or use the bathroom to escape from the crazies for 20 minutes. 

But guess what buttercup? All that is ok.  You smile when you get home no matter how hard of a day you had. You give kisses and hugs to everyone before taking a moment to relax. You listen to me whine and complain about things that don't really matter. You provide for our family in a way that sets an exemplary example for our boys and shows them what hard work looks like. You still smack my ass when I'm cooking dinner in the same yoga pants you saw me get out of bed in that morning. 

So today dear, I want you to know! We appreciate you! And you aren't perfect, because no one is, but damn you try, and we love the hell out of you for it! 

Here are some of my favorite daddy pictures too!

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