Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Perfect "Little" Family

First off, thank you for all the love on Jayce's birthday and the pictures we took for it! His bum and my c-section scar was trending on Instagram for awhile under like 5 different hashtags until the Instagram police removed it because it showed a bare baby butt! I was super pissed, but I get it, whatever! If you missed that post, check it out here.

A few weeks ago we had family pictures taken also. Jayce was grumpy, Layne was all "ehh whatever," Kayden was amped up and Dayton I think was mentally plotting ways to kill us! Oh and the hubs was just counting down the minutes till we were done! Add in the fact that it was humid and the grass was wet, I was sure we would have shitty pictures! But on the upside, my photographer brought me coffee, so I was a happy camper. One out of six isn't bad!

To say I was impressed by our results is an understatement! And seriously people, my bearded husband's mustache, well it speaks for itself! So let me just flood you with adorableness, if that's even a word!

Now I love my little family, and yes I get that Jayce is one now, but the reality is I still have baby weight to lose, plus some of Layne. I'm trying to practice more self-love, but I REALLY hate pictures of myself! All I see is the double chin....sooooo much chin, and flat curls (damn humidity)! But I'm sharing these, because I love all these men so much! And well......they don't really care what I see in myself, they just know my world revolves around loving on them!

Because everyone eats their toes?!

Me- "Put your hand on my stomach and pretend we're pregnant" 
Jason- "What?! No!"
And this was the result! But seriously, nothing is baking in this oven!

Photos taken by Tori Bruno Photography or on Facebook here!

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