Sunday, May 22, 2016

More Babies=Better Mom

First off, no I'm not pregnant! I realized today that the more babies I have, the better mom I become. Some parents feel like they have to do the same thing with each kid, like the kids will be upset when they are older if they didn't get their monthly pictures taken. And well, maybe they will, but chances are the probably won't. No judgement to those parents that feel that way, everyone does what they think is best. But here's how I see it with my four kids!

Oldest: Pure Survival
Dayton is our oldest, and since we didn't get him till he was 3, our parenting skills were far from that of a seasoned vet. We were still stuck in our non-parent minds. Dinner didn't get made till 7pm. I thought that I needed to give baths every single night (that quickly faded!). Bedtime was horrendous and sometimes he would just lay next to me staring directly at me, totally not creepy at all!

I'd let him play Play-Doh on the deck, because I didn't want him to make the house messy. I did this while I sat and watched him from the kitchen window, because I just wanted a moment of quiet.

There was a time when he was outside and was playing in the bird bath, I didn't stop it, because he was happy doing it and I didn't have to parent him for the 15 minutes it kept him occuppied. He might've drank some of that water......

This pretty much sums up being the oldest!
Second: Experimental
Kayden came to us at 7 months, the same time as Dayton (obviously, being brothers and all). He was on formula, ate jar baby food, and transistioned to a sippy at exactly 12 months.

Everything was on my terms, because being a "good" mom meant that I was in charge. He slept in his crib, never with us. I used a baby carrier with him, but it was the shittiest carrier in the world and I hated every minute of it, so we used a stroller most of the time.

I was so afraid to mess up this mom thing. But I really sucked in hindsight! I can't tell you when he took his first steps, I know it was around a year. I didn't take monthly baby pictures, and even at a year we didn't do any. Hell we celebrated his first birthday a month late! It was definetly a trial by fire!

Experimenting with trying to take our own!
Third: Faker
Yep, by our third, Layne, I TOTALLY knew what I was doing! (I'm eyerolling myself at this point) I breastfed, for three weeks before switching to formula. I learned to babywear with a wrap and ring sling, then finally at 9 months I got a Tula and fell in love!

We did jar food till 10 months, when I switched him to table food. He NEVER once slept in our bed with us. I only ever put him on his back, because you know, back is best! Took the bottle away at 12 months just like I had done with Kayden. But guess what? I might've seemed like my shit was together, but nope, just faking it!

I took shitty bump selfies, and never got materinty pictures. He got newborn pictures done (in the hospital) and then I got some professional ones done at 4 months not to be repeated till......almost 2 years old! I did do monthly sticker pictures, so that has to be worth someething!

I kicked him out of his crib and into a twin bed at 18 months, and that was a poor decision! He stopped sleeping like a dream and started waking up at 5am. Third time, definetly wasn't a charm!

First birthday cash "smash" or using a fork, whatevs!
Fourth: Shit Has Hit the Fan
Really by number four, everything has gone out the window. Jayce has been the result of the trials and tribulations with his brothers! Let me give this fun rundown!

He's fully breastfed, never has had formula. He sleeps with us every night, and when I put him in his crib, he's on his belly, with a blanket *gasp*! He's eaten a handful of jarred baby food, but then I realized it was a pain in the ass and took too much time, so we started baby led weaning.

I've used some sort of baby carrier since birth. I feel like a pro at this point, mostly out of necessity! Then there is my cloth diaper obsession, nothing like starting a brand new thing with your fouth kid!

Jayce technically has baby toys, but has never really played with them. Hot wheels, trains, Potato Head; bascially if it says "Ages 3+" or "Choking Hazard" he probably plays with it, surpervised of course!

We did newborn pictures (at the hospital of course, because I'm lazy), again at 4 months, but then we just did first birthday pictures with a pancake smash! We did nursing pictures too! Oh and his first birthday party in a few weeks, I'm going a bit Pinterest balls to the wall on it!!!

Such a squishy newborn!!!
I don't feel guilty that I haven't raised each kid the exact same! I feel like with every kid I've learned what is important and what isn't. Part of me wishes we had done the textbook photo ops, but at the time it wasn't in the budget and wasn't a priority. I wish I knew what I know now when we had first gotten the boys, I'd be a rockstar by now!

Big families have got it figured out! You know why moms of 6 or 8 or 10 kids don't look like they are losing their shit, because they've had a shit ton of practice!

Will we have more babies? Ehhh maybe in a few years, but for now, I'll keep perfecting my skills!

STAY TUNED FOR THURSDAY'S POST!!! I'm hoping to have some AMAZING pictures to share with you!!!

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