Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy First Birthday Jayce! Picture Overload!!!

I'm writing this post while sobbing! How is it possible that a year has already past and my baby is ONE! I'm not ready for this moment! I was a hot tearful mess last night putting him to bed, while my husband sat there and laughed at me. "He's just one, that is all. I don't understand why you are so upset!"

Through the gasps for air I told him, "But he's probably my last baby ever and I'm not ready for that. I don't want to be done with babies. I don't feel like our family is complete, even though it probably is. I'm gasp just gasp SO SAD gasp gasp gasp!!!!"

But this day is about the happy and healthy baby boy we are raising! Jayce Thomas loves his mama and still nurses on demand like crazy! He doesn't sleep through the night, like at all, but last night especially, I'm ok with that! He loves his daddy too, especially when he can get a good grip on that beard of his!

He weighs 23-ish pounds, and I have no idea how long he is. Jayce LOVES his brothers! He's been walking since 10 1/2 months, so at this point he's pretty much running to keep up with them. Kayden is obsessed with him, and Layne still is like "ehh, he's ok." He loves food! The only thing that I've found that makes him gag, because he hates it so much......strawberries. What the hell?! I still don't understand it!

So we are doing a lumberjack theme for his birthday! We just got some pictures taken over the weekend, and they are amazing! I'll stop talking and just overload with pictures at this point!

Photos taken by Tori Bruno Photography or on Facebook here!

The following pictures are for me more than they are for him. My husband after seeing them said, "They are pretty, but how weird will it be when he is 18 and sees them."

My response, "Not weird at all, and really I don't care. I have worked my ass off for this moment. I never thought I would make it to a year breastfeeding, and I've done it! I've sacrificed nights out, sleep, the ability to just go somewhere without him, being pudgy because cutting calories dropped my milk supply drastically or even sleeping by myself. And that scar and those stripes, I've fucking earned! Between Layne and Jayce's pregnancies, I get to show off my scar and those stretch marks, because both marks made their lives possible!"

So if any of the above items bother you, don't keep scrolling!

Look for another post next week with all of our AMAZING family pictures!!!

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  1. Nicole,
    I always 'like' your posts, in fact love most if them, but I have to say this one and especially the beautiful mama photos made me bawl. So real, words so true about 'last babies' and NOT weird images of moments gone too soon and the new image our bodies become through growing and/or loving babies are spot on.