Saturday, April 30, 2016

Because We Live in Iowa

I'm an Iowan, born and raised! I've found myself having the same answers to many things the boys have been asking and talking about lately lately!

"I wore shorts yesterday, why do I need a coat today?" .....because we live in Iowa.

"It smells like cow poop outside!".....because we live in Iowa.

"Why'd the news (weather) interrupt our show?".....because we live in Iowa.

"Why's the tractor driving on the road?" .....because we live in Iowa.

"Why are there fields everywhere?".....because we live in Iowa.

"Why do we have to drive to the store? I want to walk!".....because we live in Iowa.

"It's windy outside!" .....because we live in Iowa.

"It rained, snowed, and was hot today!" .....because we live in Iowa.

I LOVE living and raising our boys in a town smaller than 1,000 people! And soon they will realize that all their questions are just our way of life! I look forward to having the same answer to some other questions in the future!

"Why do you let me ride my bike around the neighborhood?".....because we live in Iowa.

"Why do you let me walk to school?".....because we live in Iowa.

"Why do I know every kid at school?".....because we live in Iowa.

"Why can I walk to grandpa's house?".....because we live in Iowa.

"Why does our town have the same fun events every summer?".....because we live in Iowa.

"Why do we wave to everyone we see even when we don't know them?".....because we live in Iowa.

Not all of Iowa is small like our little slice of heaven, but the people are the same for the most part throughout! There's just a whole lot of love in this fly-over state, and I couldn't imagine raising our family anywhere else!

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1 comment:

  1. Perfect! We're in rural southeast Iowa and these are all pretty perfect! I'd love to leave the weather behind for somewhere warmer but I could never leave the people and atmosphere behind. Greatest place on earth! :)