Wednesday, April 6, 2016

At What Point Do I Get Committed?

This question isn't rhetorical, hell I wish it was! 

I feel like I'm the warden of a prison, and the prisoners have overthrown it! Let's recap the last couple days.....

Kayden wearing Jayce's pajama pants....because that makes sense....
Layne has shit on the floor 3 times, and 4 times in his pull-up (because I don't trust him during nap/bedtime)

Jayce pooped his pants 7 times yesterday.....SEVEN TIMES! WTH!?

Dayton has had to be restrained every single day at school for being violent.....with the same behaviors carrying over at home. Because everyone bites, kicks, pinches and bangs their head on hard surfaces... (I'm eye rolling him as I write this)

Kayden has pooped his pants twice *and the crowd goes wild* YAY! "Hey dude, let's go poop in the potty" (as he's making poop faces)....... "Umm no thanks!" Well give him some credit for being polite at least.

Bedtime is currently taking between 45-90 minutes, and I wish this was an exaggeration! Layne and Kayden think sharing a room means that they need to cackle like two old hens and then run around like it's some sort of frat house.
"I's not sleepy mommy," turned into this, 45 minutes after nap was suppose to be over. 

Dayton ate sand, concrete, wood decking, rocks and dirt while we were in the yard this weekend. And the dentist wonders why he has chips on his teeth........welllllllllllll

Kayden listened to music when we were outside also. In my van. Parked on the street. Without us knowing. Oh how did he listen to it? "Mom I just pushed the button and music turned on." The start button that is, thank goodness his legs aren't long enough to reach the brake so it would've actually turned on, instead of just accessories. I'm sure he'll run a vehicle or two through our house at some point.

Layne's latest enjoyment is kicking the baby when he walks past him. Jayce starts crying. Layne is giggling under a blanket. I can only imagine how this will intensify as they get older.

Jayce has cut 3 of 6 teeth in the last 10 days. He hasn't really slept in his bed, mostly in my armpit but will occasionally roll over and pull Jason's beard. I get entirely too much joy from that.

We've eliminated Kayden's nap time, in hopes bedtime will go better. I hate it. He doesn't understand quiet time and I don't get to take a nap. It's a lose/lose situation.

As I type this, Dayton is screaming and kicking the wall in his room, Kayden is watching a movie while jumping on the couch (call the screen time police), Layne is taking a nap (I only had to put him back in his bed 29 times) and Jayce is in his crib asleep, but I'm sure he'll soon realize he's not being held and will wake up.

Some days, if they are sleeping, you just don't move!
So if you see a crazy woman walking the streets, drinking a bottle of wine, barefoot and wearing her's just me. Call the loony bin, because these children have sent me over the edge! 

And to think.....some days I think we need more! Please excuse me while I eye-roll myself!

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