Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why Moms Need Social Media

I've been given a lot of grief over my "social media presence".......I say too much, show too much, blah, blah, blah......

Well guess what, moms, especially stay-at-home moms, NEED social media! Like a legit need!

There's a reason that prisoners go crazy in solitary confinement, because we are social creatures, and not meant to be alone. Well when you are a mom, even more so with multiple children, you are alone a lot. Yes, you have kids, but not other peers to talk to. It can make you bonkers!

So before you chastise a mom for Facebooking, Instagramming, Tweeting, or blogging too much consider this.....

Who do you call at 10am on a Tuesday?
I don't have a vast amount of mom friends that stay at home with their crazies. So during the day, I can't just call whoever to vent or tell a funny story to. I can post it to a mom group and get immediate interaction. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in the snot and shit.

It takes a village.
I witnessed recently a mom post a picture of her son to a large group. She was concerned about his head crooked to one side. Within in 10 minutes she had a zillion responses. Moms who have dealt with it before, moms who are physical therapists themselves, moms just offering support and suggesting she get it looked at. Where else can you get that type of love, help and support?!

Captures Memories
I love posting pictures of my crazies, and especially of moments that were special to us. Thank goodness I did! When my phone went for a swim in the toilet at Target a little while back, my social media accounts ensured that I still had some of my pictures. (Yes, I know I should've backed up to a cloud.....I didn't, hindsight is 20/20.)

Legit Support
If I hadn't been added to the local breastfeeding support group page, I'm nearly certain that I would not be successful with nursing Jayce. To be part of a community that supports you and is knowledgeable is not something you can get without the "devil" of social media. There aren't any meeting at 2am when you are having problems and are crying WITH the baby, but chances are someone is on their Facebook account somewhere in the world and willing to help or be a sounding board.

My kids are funny, but I only find their little antics hilarious for so long. But give a group of moms some inappropriate images and memes, and there are hours of fun to be had! Throw in some moms that know how to photo shop and the possibilities for adult laughs are endless!

I always stress about my kids socializing with other kids, so that they can be "well rounded." Until recently I didn't consider my own need to socialize. I've networked with some amazing moms, I have strictly virtual friends (it sounds creepier than it really is), I have moms that I connected with on social media and then met in person (in a public place so I was not killed, don't worry), and then ladies who I knew pre-mom but have become better friends with since motherhood. It's crazy how having this vast array of friends has made me feel more human!

So there it is! Do you understand why I said moms NEED social media now?  I'd love to here the positive thing you get from it! Feel free to comment below, I LOVE reading and responding to them!

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Oh and here's Jayce just being cute on his first ever cart ride. This baby lives in the Tula at the store usually! This picture got shared to a mom group and lots of love was given!!!

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  1. This is the greatest thing ever!!! My husband is always on me about how much I'm on Facebook and I've tried to explain to him that I just need adult interaction, but he doesn't get it at all. Everything you said really explains it better than I could have so I'm gonna make my husband read it lol.

    BTW my daughter's name is Jaycie lol