Friday, March 18, 2016

The Day I Peed in a Potty Chair

This picture isn't a stock photo! Hello Nebraska sky!!!

I wish this title was a joke, but it isn't!

Recently I took a 3 hour road trip with all 4 boys and left the hubby at home. My mom and step dad live on a cattle ranch, and calves are being born all over the place, so the boys enjoy it! We left after nap time, and only stopped 7 times to let them potty, the first was 15 minutes from home. Our return trip home, we left after breakfast, and Jayce only cried for 2 of the 3 hours!

Well we trekked out to the ranch again this weekend since the hubs has to work stupid hours! Today we left after lunch and traveled over nap was GLORIOUS!!!! So now that I feel like a pro at traveling with children (after all, it's been 1 1/2 times!!) I've assessed what I've done right, and not so right! Here are my tips!

Keep the kids dehydrated!
I'm not talking like brown pee dehydrated, I'm talking more like instead of an entire water bottle of water, it's like a third full. I gave them that full water bottle during the first go-around, hints the 7 potty breaks!

Just doing his thing!
Don't drink the 30oz of water and the coffee!
I've now made this mistake 3 times, apparently I'm a slow learner! I squatted in my back seat in the boys' potty chair. That 6 inch diameter isn't made for this booty, but I didn't spill! This is our exact one if you don't know what I'm talking about! Since then I've worn stretchy pants and held it until we made it to our destination. For anyone wondering why we don't stop for formal potty breaks........have you taken 4 kids into a gas station that is bound to have candy/trinkets/toys every where, and been by yourself? If the mental image doesn't explain it, let me just tell you it is pure hell!

Individual Suitcases!
My mom got all of the boys these suitcases for Christmas! Everyone has their own color and they hold the perfect amount of items for the trip! It makes finding jammies or clean underwear super quick and easy! Word to the wise though, don't let them help you pack. I made that mistake and it took me 2 hours to pack 4 bags....for a 2 day stay!

Our kids don't have tablets and the only screen that they have in the car is the DVD player. Well thank you Honda for also including wireless headphones for it! I can jam to some 90s on 9 while Woody and Buzz Lightyear save the day in the back!

Very intense!
Stick with easy and quick. I'm a huge supporter of the granola bar, these are our favorite! Crackers get crushed, fruit gets mushed and most other options are just as much a pain for me as it is for them!

Naptime is where it's at!
Leaving once they had full bellies and were due for nap was the perfect situation! Layne slept the WHOLE WAY! Jayce slept 2 hours and Kayden slept an hour and a half. Considering Kayden rarely naps any more, I was a bit thrilled! Dayton didn't sleep, but he be bopped around in his seat while I played music that was probably inappropriate for the toddlers! Don't judge me, I was celebrating!

That face!

I'm obsessed with his squishy cheeks!
Less than amused with me!
I didn't think I would enjoy taking them out of town on my own, but I am! It helps that grandma and grandpa take a huge work load off of me, and I get to shower every day! To any moms wondering if you can do it, you can! The initial anxiety I had was intense, but now I feel like a professional! Here's to hoping our return trip is just as smooth!

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  1. I am still learning the step of not overdoing the coffee and water...and learning... and learning. What a great post, sharing with other moms (all of mine are long out of diapers and potties).

  2. Love this. I first traveled alone with my triplets when they were 10 months old. It was a 2.5 hour drive and I was terrified I'd have to pee. Luckily, I didn't! The kiddos are 3 now and we've made the same trip without daddy several times now!