Monday, February 22, 2016

This Is Our Season

Layne: completely indepedent to say the least!
A crazy thing happens when kids are born. People come into your life and people disappear from your life. Friends, family, acquitances; it all changes.

Everyone experiences different seasons in their lives. College life, dating, married, kids, adult kids, is constantly changing and evolving. You move from one season to the next, some more gracefully than others.

This is our season currently. A season of little kids, sticky walls, toy explosions, nap times, messy faces, early bedtimes, followed by even earlier mornings. Some people fit into this season and some people don't.

So no....

We won't be coming over to your house at 1pm, it's nap time and they turn into devils without it.

We won't be attending the event that starts an hour before bedtime and has breakable items everywhere.

We won't apologize for our kids being loud. They are little, that's what they do.

We won't be going out until the wee hours. Lack of sleep turns happy parents into crabby ones.

We won't beg you to be involved in our lives. It's hectic and some people can't hang.

We won't allow you to take our kids places unless we fully trust you. I'm crazy, that's all.

We won't have a clean house at all times. We live here, and it looks that way.

But we will...

Eventually text or call you back, it may take a day or a week.....or a month!

Appreciate every time you offer for us to do something, even if we can't, makes us not feel forgotten!

Love for you to come over whenever! It's hard for us to get out, but guests are always welcomed!

Make every effort to be as involved in other's lives as possible, but our kids are our first priority.

Just like the seasons change, this too shall pass. A time will come when more things are possible for us, and new things are not. The people that can weather through the different seasons of life are meant to be there and those that can't, well maybe we'll catch up with them down the road!

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