Friday, February 5, 2016

Nap Times and Potty Breaks: Maintaining the Balance

I've recently updated my "presence" in the social media and blogging world, for no other reason than the fact it gives me an outlet that is very much needed! I get to have fun, meet people, and express the crazy that is my life. It's like opening up a window and letting people walk-by and look in, but with all of this I've been working on maintaining the balance.

Balancing family life with my passion for writing on my blog and the recent love affair I started with Instagram, oh and let's not forget that little side piece of mine called Pinterst, it's an actual struggle. I find on days that I have posted on my blog, I'm much more tuned into that side of my life. I try to respond to comments and share it with various groups of people, my husband would call me obsessed. But in reality, it's all about nap time and potty breaks!

Nap time is my time to write, decompress and have some "me time" with my thoughts. Often I find myself mentally writing posts for days, and when I find a moment to put it down it then goes rather quickly! I'm not quite sure what I will do when my kids stop napping, I might lock myself in the closet with my laptop, some coffee and possibly a brownie or two so that I can still get some writing in!

But then there is the aftermath of it all! 99% of  my comments, likes, shares.....actually anything on social media come from the toilet...literally! Mommy needs to pee and catch up on things, and with as much water as I drink, some days it's pretty often!

There are times though when I check out completely; morning snuggles, meal times, and bed times. I put my stuff to the side and focus on my kids. We have real conversations, we tickle, we laugh, we spend quality time together and I think that is the most important thing of all! If it wasn't for these little monsters, I would have no material to write on and this chaos of mine wouldn't exsist!

So to anyone who thinks my "presence" on my blog and social media is a bit too much, remember while you are reading this on the toilet, it's all about balancing it out between nap times and potty breaks!

Please check out below how some other ladies help maintain the balance in their lives and look for a new post on Monday, "Why Moms Need Social Media" and then later in the week, "5 Reasons Moms Wear Black"!

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  1. You're so right, about mentally checking out and just putting the cameras down to play with your kids... I often find that I'm always "taking a blog picture" or "they're doing something I could blog about" and I don't want to miss the content. But somethings should just be left for us. It is the balance. And, our kids notice when we get too blog "content" driven! I'm going to go check out now... {or maybe go potty and socialize}

  2. I wish I had nap time to write! My daughter sleeps perfectly fine in her room at night, but nap time she wants to snuggle with me. I do get to catch up on Instagram and Pinterest though while I'm trapped and she's sleeping! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Guilty of toilet comments here too! LOL Sometimes you just need a quiet moment.

  4. I laughed because I joke the bathroom is my office. I am helping a friend out for a few weeks with her kids and only one naps so 2 days a week I have no nap time break. I think I'm going to lose my mind any day now!!!!n I would love for you to link this up at 100 Happy Days: