Monday, February 15, 2016

Black: The Color of My People

No. This has nothing to do with race, if it did I would say I'm transparent...which isn't even a color.

I'm talking about moms and their clothing selections.50 shades of black is the color of choice.....I mean are there really any other options. To new moms and those of you that aren't moms, you may wonder why moms tend to dress like they are straight out of Hot Topic...minus the spikes, let me enlighten you!

Hides Da Fat
Whether it is the post-partum body that a mom is trying to conceal or the nap time oreos that might have gotten eaten, black is the way to go! Is that a shadow? Is that a shirt? Or roll? No one knows....

It All Rubs In
Dirt, peanut butter, milk, all rubs in with minimal "stains"! God bless the mom that dares to wear white, at any time of day! One day moms can wear light colors again without constant day......

Matching for Dummies
What shoes go with black leggings and black shirt? Oh, black boots!  Black yoga pants and a black tank? Black zippy of course! When getting dressed is literally a last priority, making it easy is the best thing that can be done!

Lasts Longer
Some times getting the luxury of fresh duds every day or washing them daily is extrememly far fetched. If the drab color allows multiple days of use, boom! Black is best!

So next time you a see a mom and you wonder, "Hmmm I wonder if she's despressed? Or gothic? Or homeless?" The answer is, no. She's just a mom, being as efficient as possible!

The only downside of all of this, cleaning the house. Bleach is a bitch!

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