Monday, December 28, 2015

Oh, I Have A Facebook Group For That!

I'm sure what mothers did before social media, and the zillions of "groups" that popped up with it! A lot of conversations with my husband start with, "I saw in this one group......" He's never really asked how many groups I belong to, and I've never really told him. You know how some people shy away from mentioning what their number is when it comes to sexual partners, I feel that way about the number of Facebook groups I belong to.  But I'm coming clean today, 61.......please excuse me while I crawl in a hole right now! 

That's right, I've literally got a group for pretty much anything! There are the support groups for moms who breastfeed or have babies that are also due in the same month as mine or just are stay-at-home moms. 

There are the ones dedicated to baby carriers, whether that be buy/sale/trade, fan pages, latest updates, or people who all like the same carrier but want to talk about other things....yes, that's a real group I belong to. 

Or there are the local swap pages where I can sell my shit I don't want anymore, and buy others people shit they don't want anymore, and then meet in a well lit parking lot, hoping it doesn't appear that we are doing a drug deal. 

There's a cleaning group, that makes me feel like a slob. A recipe group that makes it seem like my meals are shit. There's some prayer and hope pages that I love to follow and give me my daily dose of ugly cries. And then there are those groups that I don't think I've ever actually visited, but am afraid to delete, because what if I need to visit it at some point.

Is it ridiculous? Yes. But some groups have been so helpful, others are extremely entertaining just to read. But while being part of all of these groups, I've realized there are so many different types of people that join these. 

The Lurker
No, this person won't post a damn thing. You don't even know they are there unless you look at the member list. They don't like or comment on anything, BUT they tend to read quite a bit of what's on the page. 

The Drama Poster
This person will bitch and moan about pretty much anything. Rarely is there a happy post, and given the opprotunity will stir the shit just to see people lose their minds! 

The Politically Correct Poster
These posters tend to be very on point. Black and white, right and wrong. There is very little gray area, and although their post/comments are usually extremely helpful, sense of humor is lacking at times. 

The Chronic Poster
They might just post in the same group 50 times in one day. A picture, a comment, a question; they do it all! The group is their virtual family and they will tell you what is going on with them at all times. 

The Vague Poster
They never give the whole story and they don't reply to questions when people ask. Posts are usually, "Today couldn't get any worse," or "Pray." FOR WHAT PEOPLE!?!?! Don't peak my curiousity and then leave me hanging! 

The Scammer
Admins in groups are usually pretty good at filtering people out, but sometimes people slip through the cracks. These people will post shit that you are sure is not real. They ask for free things, give sob stories, or post some off the wall shit. My favorite was a thread that read, "I'm not a prostitute, I'm an escort and my husband is ok with it." Sounded more like an episode of Maury! 

So as I share this post with all of my "groups," feel free to share it with yours, because I know if you are reading this, you have a number as well! And no judgement to any of the different types of people, it is what makes the world go round, and the internet interesting! 

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