Sunday, November 29, 2015

When Did I Become Frumpy?

Yep, this is me! No filter, no adjustments, no other angles/poses..... This is what I call my Monday through Sunday look. I snapped this look while waiting for Kayden to finish pooping so I could wipe his ass, and when I realized this is what I've become and that I wanted to blog about it. Hair out of place, because I'm not sure the last time I actually did my hair from start to finish. No makeup, no one has time for that shit. T-shirt from college.......that I graduated from 6 years ago. No bra, just a nursing tank, and yoga pants that are too big, but yet still so comfy, that I still manage to have a slight muffin top in! This is the hot mama my husband usually comes home to!

When did this happen?! When did I become frumpy! I still had my shit together when we had just two kids, hair and makeup always done. After Layne arrived, things started slipping. I found myself doing my makeup at work before kids came rushing through the door and had embraced a messy bun with headband look. But I was working full-time, so I had to wear real clothes daily.

I fell off the slope my first winter home I think. It was too cold to go out and do anything, so therefore I didn't have to get ready. Then add getting pregnant again and having Jayce, my look is yet to rebound.

So here I sit writing this is a spit-up stained tank top, pajama shorts and in desperate need of a shower. I always told myself, before kids, that when I had kids I wouldn't "let myself go" like all those other moms did. I wouldn't wear "mom jeans," and I'd be sure to get ready everyday so that my husband would have something attractive to come home too, not the saggy ass sweats lady.

Now reality has set in. I wish I could get ready every day and look like a million bucks, but it just isn't the case. The 20 minutes (maybe) I get in the morning without a child glued to me, I spend packing Dayton's lunch, unloading the dishwasher and HOPEFULLY having a cup of coffee. Once the kids are up though, I'm lucky to get actual pants on. It's so bad that when I put jeans on, the boys ask where we are going..... And those mom jeans I talked about, they're amazing! They squeeze in that pooch that my boys helped create while I was creating their life!

So here is my PSA!

To people who currently don't have children, no judgement please! Yes I look like a hot mess, but look at my kids' faces. They are SO happy! They don't care what I look like, they are just happy that I play with them, snuggle them and love the hell out of them! That takes priority over my current wardrobe. My husband sees how hard I work every day and has embraced my "uniform," besides I think he likes the fact I jump a little bit when he smacks my ass while wearing leggings instead of jeans, damn that thin material! I'll have time to get my shit together in a few years when they are more interested in their own things then hanging out with me, and that might be a sad day. But I'm pretty sure they won't look back on their early memories and think of how "frumpy" I was, instead they'll remember how much I loved them! So much, I let myself go!

And to the mommies out there! You rock those stretchy pants, baggy t-shirts and messy buns!

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  1. I'm right there with you! Two kids was a piece of cake compared to four! I'm rocking the yoga pants, nursing tank, no make-up, messy bun look too. :)