Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Power of Family Photos

I'm not one to get super excited about family pictures, if we're being honest, I hate them. I hate putting outfits together that somewhat coordinate, wrestling children into said outfits and then hoping nothing spills on them before the camera clicks. Then throw in the headache of hoping the photographer gets just ONE decent shot of the kids and that my double chin isn't noticable!

The past week has been a heavy one, both locally and abroad, and I realized how thankful I am that I pushed through my issues with family pictures and did them! Heaven forbid anything tragic happen to myself or my family, but no one ever knows what fate has in store, and I have this snapshot in our history forever to look at.

I want to share our family pictures for the simple fact that I love them! I have a lot of memories that come to mind when I look at these, and I think that's why it is so important to have photos like this. I think of the marshmallows we were bribing children with so that they would sit and smile, the melt downs that occurred earlier in the morning when I made the boys put pants on, or the breaks we had to take so that I could feed Jayce. I think of my husband whining that morning about the whole ordeal and making assumptions as to how they would turn out. And then of course, watching our, at the time, extremely pregant photographer carry a chair from her car on her head! These are all memories I'm so happy to have!

Personalities definetly shone through with these! Jayce was a complete ham, Layne was very cooperative (for the most part), Kayden wanted to be the boss and Dayton wanted to just run! 

A huge shout out to my girl Tori Bruno for capturing these moments, she was a dream to work with! Check out her page Tori Bruno Photography!

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