Sunday, November 8, 2015

I'll Blame Breastfeeding

Moooooooooooo! Yes, I'm still nursing Jayce like a champ! He'll be 6 months on the 26th and I'm still shocked and impressed that I've lasted this long! But, let me be straight with you, I blame breastfeeding for a lot of things!

No Aunt Flo
Is this a bad thing? No, not at all! But I do get to blame breastfeeding for this not currently being in my life.

No Hanky Panky
Breastfeeding does some jacked up shit to a lady's hormones (hints the no period), and thus no sex drive! To the women out there who haven't experienced this down side, I hate you in the most jealous way!

My Baby Loves Me
Like A LOT! Like can't be without me for very long without turning into a mini monster. Don't get me wrong, I love him, but sometimes it's a bit exhausting.

I'm Reluctantly Co-Sleeping
I'm not a co-sleeper, I personally hate it. I know it works for some people, and I wish it did for us, but I'm a zombie. The only way I get SOME sleep is if he can be hooked up to the tap at night. Is this a terrible habit for us? Yes, but I'm just coping at the moment. I'm sure he'll be sleeping in his own bed without a nipple in his mouth by the time he goes to college.

I'm The Cure All
If the baby isn't in my presence (like I got the luxury of a shower) and he starts crying with my husband, it must mean he wants to nurse, right? Even though he just did 10 minutes ago *eye roll*! He's fine!

No Bottles to Wash
Since I'm with Jayce 24/7, literally, he rarely gets a bottle. This seems like it would be nice, you know, less dishes. But say I'm feeling a bit overtouched for the day, or I'd like to get away for a couple hours (3 times in his entire life), it would be nice for him to take a bottle and not fight like mad about it. Oh well!

Boobs: The Daily Conversation
Whether I'm talking to friends about my boobs, my husband or my children, it seems to be a daily topic. Yes, I said my children, if the baby is fussing they tell me that I should go give him my boobie. If they only knew how part of me wishes some days I could detach it and literally give it to him!

Terrible Wardrobe
If I can't nurse in it, I don't wear it. So there goes 95% of my wardrobe for the winter here in Iowa! If you need me, I'll be living in tanks with zip-up sweatshirts till April.

Happy Baby
Seriously, as long as he has his two breast friends near him, he's the happiest baby ever! I guess that makes all of my "sacrifices" worth it!

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