Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jayce Thomas' Birth Story

On Tuesday, May 26th we arrived bright and early to the hospital for my planned c-section. Since I didn't go into labor ahead of time, I wasn't getting the VBAC that I was hoping to have. This was a whole new experience for me, but I enjoyed the fact that I could do my hair and makeup leading up to his arrival. They got us checked in, changed into my "sexy" gown, and then my anxiety set in. My makeup was a total loss at that point!

One thing that I forgot about my previous c-section was the million fluids they pump into you before, during and after. With my lovely tendency to retain water while pregnant, every ounce they pumped into me went to my face, fingers and feet.

At 9:15am my wheelchair arrived and I got wheeled into the O.R. I sat on the table, hunched over and got my spinal placed. (It hurt like a bitch!) I then laid on the table. This is when the awkward factor set in. And for anybody that is modest, don't have babies, Here I laid, in a cold operating room, while nurses lifted my gown (in front of every person present), placed my catheter, and then washed my entire stomach. I kept asking if they were going to put up the curtain, because I could see everything. They reassured me that they would right before they cut into me.....I guess that was suppose to make me feel more comfortable.

So then my doctor came in and they got started. I felt the tugging and pulling, and then it got more intense. I told the anesthesiologist that my chest was hurting, that's when she told me, "Well that's because the doctor is on your chest." Ummmmmmm WHAT?! I then here the doctor ask for the forceps. Forceps in a c-section? What the hell was going on on the other side of that curtain?!

I continued to complain about my ribs, to the point that I was in tears. But after what seemed like an eternity I heard, "Are you ready for him?!" Then the doctor pulled Jayce out and held him over the curtain. He was blue. I was panicking. The doctor shook him and told him to wake up, no response. He was then quickly handed off to the nurses where they put an oxygen mask on him and started to rub him down trying to get a cry out of him. I was bawling at this point, and feeling helpless. Finally we heard a cry. I never thought I would be so happy to hear a baby cry! This whole thing played out in less than a minute, but it felt like forever! They say he wasn't breathing because of the stress of the delivery.

Jason cut the cord. I got to snuggle him by my face while they closed me up. Afterwards we headed into recovery. That's when I was told that Jayce was completely stuck in my ribs on the right side. His butt and feet were lodged up there. Jason saw the doctor pretty much on top of me during the delivery trying to push him out. When my doctor came to visit me later on, there was a genuine concern about if any of my ribs were broken. I had to do the deep breathing exercises, which hurt like hell, but in the end, my ribs were fine. I was just a bit beat up!

I'm not upset that I didn't get the birth that I thought I wanted, because I'm just happy that in the end we had a healthy baby boy!

Jayce Thomas Snyder
May 26, 2015
7 lbs 9 oz
20.5 inches

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