Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Disappearing Hand Trick- 36 Week Pregnancy Update

I love how at the 36 weeks pregnant the doctor thinks, "Hey you are already uncomfortable as hell, let me stick my fist up your vagina, and make you repeat this weekly till he is here." Pretty much sums up my day!

Never thought it would be possible to look so flat chested! I guess the watermelon in my stomach overshadows things!

Weight Gain/Loss: No additional weight gain, still around 32ish, all depend on how swollen I am on any given day 
How Far Along: 36 Weeks
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of a large cantaloupe
Baby Buys: I haven't bought anything, but I'm in the processing of refinishing a "new to me" glider. I couldn't stand the thought of putting a brown piece of furniture in a white and gray room! Oh and Kayden picked out a present to give the baby at the hospital. It is one of those elephant security blanket things that all my children have had but none of them ever seem to use. It was the thought that counted.
Movement: Every night mini earthquakes occur in my stomach, it was cute the first couple times. Now I wish that he would just let me set something on my belly without kicking it off!
# of Centimeters Dilated: 0, a big fat 0! Now I know it's still a bit early for me to be annoyed with it, but my vagina bones have been feeling like they are breaking and I was hoping to get some results from my discomfort!
Position: Head down, and apparently high. So he basically is wrapped in a ball connecting to my ribs, with no desire to head towards the light!
Cravings: Crushed ice, this has been for awhile now, but it is to the point where I can't leave the house without a glass of it! My husband makes fun of me because I've now gone to the point of getting the huge plastic cup, filling it up and using a spoon with it!
Shit that Sucks: Nothing fits for the most part, and what does fit makes me feel like a whale that just washed up on the shore. I look forward to no more swelling!
Struggles: Bodily functions, yeah it's not pretty to talk about, but the struggle is real. Gas that comes out of nowhere when Jayce shifts one way or the other. This has surprised me on more than one occasion! Sneezing, even after I just went to the bathroom, still means there is a chance I could pee my pants.
Successes: Gave myself a mini-pedicure last night. Soaked my feet in the tub and then scrubbed the hell out of them. Being barefoot on wood floors 90% of the time has done a number to my feet! I then attempted to paint my toes. It looks like our 2 year old painted them, but whatever! I was out of breath, sweating and exhausted when I was done, but it was totally worth it!
Mood Swings: There hasn't been much of a "swing," but I'm extremely sensitive to everything. I've been making big deals out of NOTHING, to the point that when I'm getting worked up over something I have to ask my husband if it is legitimate or just me being hormonal. Nearly every time has been hormonal, but I still cry!
Milestones: The weekend before the baby I have booked some mommy pamper time! Pedicure, hair and a massage! Pretty damn excited about all of those!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: So, we are down to 3 weeks from today until my planned c-section, but I'm bound and determined to try to induce labor before then. I know, I know, babies come when they are ready. But because of my previous c-section, my doctor won't let me go past 39 weeks. So it is either I go into labor before then and get to attempt a VBAC or I just say fuck it and have my c-section has planned. Well I'm currently drinking red raspberry leaf tea, bouncing on a ball, and set up an appointment with an acupuncturist. Pulling out all the stops! So dear baby of mine, please, pretty please, arrive just a couple days earlier than we have planned!

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