Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Love Letter to the Boyfriend I Married

Dear Husband,

I would have never guessed 9 years ago when we started dating that we would be where we are today. I was a high school junior, you were the cradle robber, and I'm sure a law or two was broken in our pursuit of love and happiness! I tell you every day that I love you. I won't let you hang up the phone, or leave without letting you hear it, but I don't think I tell you why I love you the way I do.

I love you because you are selfless. Our family sort of just happened, unplanned, but yet planned all at the same time. When the decision was made for me to stay home with the kids, you supported it wholeheartedly, even knowing it would put more pressure on you. Your 40 hour work weeks, have at times turned into 70, but without complaints. You've given up some of the things that you use to love in order to make our life possible, for this I am forever grateful!

I love you because you love our boys. I've heard time and time again that watching a man love his children makes his wife love him more, and this can't be more true! When you come home exhausted, but still able to muster up the energy for a quick wrestling match with all the kids, it warms my heart. When I hear, "Daddy snuggle me," followed by several tiny feet following yours to sit down and cuddle, I'm so happy to have the man I call my husband be such an amazing father as well.

I love you because you care. You may not always show it with romantic gestures like the ones I tend to read about, but you show that you care for the boys and I in your actions all of the time. You call to see how our day is going, asking if the baby is moving around and doing well. You rush out the door to get me Gatorade after I've been up all night sick. You bring home ice cream for after the kids go to bed on days that were rough. You give me a break when you know I need it the most. You are there for all of the important moments that have happened, and share just as much joy as I do in the small things as well!

People always say that when you are young and marry young, that things will be more difficult. But I say the hell with that. You went from my boyfriend to husband when I was 21. We've been through more trials and tribulations than most couples go through in a lifetime, but have always came out on top and stronger than ever.

So on our "dating" anniversary, please know that I will always love you, care for you and you will always be my number one!

                                                                                      Your Wife

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