Monday, March 9, 2015

Just A Sprinkle- Why A 2nd Baby Shower

This is a hot topic and I know there are differing views on it, and now I've been on both sides of the fence. So you've already had one baby (or more) and are expecting another one, do you have another baby shower? I've heard, yes, only if the gender is different than before or if it's been so many years since the previous child. And then on the other side of the coin, I've heard no, you are only "allowed" one. 

Let me break down my views on this. We battled with infertility for 2 1/2 years. I cried on the way to, after and sometimes during every baby shower I went to for my friends and family. When we decided to go into foster care our friends and family decided to throw us a foster/adopt shower.  It was the closest thing to a baby shower I thought that I would ever get and was overwhelmed with the love and support we were given. 

Then shortly after we got the boys, and found out we were pregnant with Layne, friends and family started planning his shower. He received handmade blankets, personalized items and then some actual baby necessities. It was his party! We had hoped and dreamed of him for so long that I was all about celebrating that precious boy! 

So what, Jayce isn't suppose to be celebrated? I was allotted my one biological shower and every subsequent baby that I have loses out on a party to celebrate them? Fuck that. I use to be of the, "there will only be one" team before kids, and now I'm completely against it. 

Call me biased, but after infertility and a miscarriage, I think every baby should be obnoxiously celebrated! No, I'm not a greedy bitch who wants everyone to buy me thing, get real. But when my kids are older I don't want to be showing Dayton and Kayden pictures from our foster shower, Layne pictures from his baby shower and then tell every other child, "Well, I used up all of my party cards, so you got nothing." Ummm that's dumb. 

So this weekend I'm helping to throw a dear friend of mine a "sprinkle" shower and 2 weeks after that two of my besties are throwing Jayce a "sprinkle" shower. For those of you that don't know, a sprinkle shower is a toned down baby shower. If anyone is curious on the things one registers for for a sprinkle, it's things like diapers (a lot of diapers), double stroller, new blankets, bottles, etc. Things that either need added or replaced with a new little one or things that my current littles will still be using, like a sound machine.

Therefore, to all the haters, keep on hating. Chances are you either haven't had any struggle in getting the babes you have, only have one, or are still of the "old school" thought of mind. We are going to celebrate Jayce just as much as every other child we have been blessed with, feel free to roll your eyes in someone else's direction! 

Some of Jayce's loot he's received already. FYI the A +A Bamboo Dream Blanket is pure love and I'm pretty sure is made of unicorn hair and sunshine! Softest. Thing. EVER!

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