Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NAME REVEAL!- 24 Week Pregnancy Update

HELLLLOOOOO 24 Weeks! This is the point in pregnancy where I feel like I can breathe finally! Not that anything has been wrong, but up until this point there is always the "what if I go into labor early" paranoia. Now that I know the chance of survival outside the womb is possible, I breathe a sigh of relief! I've switched up some of the "interview" questions, mostly to make them more relevant to the current stage of pregnancy....and also to see if my husband reads the entire post!

All about the animal print!

How Far Along: 24Weeks 1 Day
Weight Gain/Loss: Up 13 pounds....all water weight of course, or at least that's what I tell myself!
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of an ear of corn!
Baby Buys: Sooooo there have been several purchases! We bought paint and have begun painting the nursery, but I will do an entire post of that when it's done. Some of our "design" ideas are up in the air still. I've also bought Layne his toddler Tula so that the standard can be for the baby.......and this was SO exciting! I'm officially a WC (wrap conversion) owner! It was a splurge but oh so worth it! I'm in LOVE with it! Now to convince my husband that the baby needs one to match big brother so that when I tandem wear them they can coordinate!

Some serious Tula love here!
Dreams: Part of me is going to miss being pregnant, because the dreams are so interesting! One of the stranger ones tells me I've watched too much of The Blacklist and Scandal. Something about being recruited as a covert agent and I had tasks to complete, but was drugged at the same time. I also mentally brought down a plane, where that came from I have no idea!
Movement: Oh yeah and I can feel them from the outside pretty well now. Kicks are mostly to my vagina/bladder and he enjoys punching my sides/ribs.
Position: As of my doctor's appointment today he is full on breech with his feet down and is facing in. Layne had a big turn at almost 30 weeks to be head down, so I'm not worried.
Birth "Plan": The "plan" is still to attempt a VBAC.....word to the wise, if you've only ever had a c-section and are going to plan on doing a VBAC, DON'T watch videos of a vaginal birth. They scared the shit out of me!
Cravings: Salt, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt (Chinese and wings mostly.....not helping with water retention!) and brownies!
Shit that Sucks: Below the boob sweat. Yeah, it's a real thing and now that my watermelon belly and my National Geographic sweater puppets are best friends and like to be together constantly, there is no preventing it. I constantly find myself tucking shirt under my boobs just to help absorb something!
Struggles: Nipples, seriously! Went to the grocery store this week and just had on a sports bra and thin maternity shirt with no under tank (obviously wasn't thinking!) As I'm walking down the very chilly aisles I notice a lot of strange looks directed at me. Apparently I was trying to direct traffic with my nips, THE ENTIRE TIME! I'm not one to normally be embarrassed, but I blushed at more than one awkward look!
Successes: We've chosen a name! Jayce Thomas Snyder! Please feel free NOT to steal it. And just to clarify, no, he isn't named after Jase from Duck Dynasty. Yes, we had to have a "y" in it, get over it. And finally, no, we don't want your opinion on the name, or a list of people you know named that.
Mood Swings: I feel like a breakdown a day is my new "normal". Crying from Kayden pooping on the floor (we are potty training!), or crying from Layne crying because of his teeth. There's always something!
Milestones: Got my sugary drink today for my next appointment, not a "real" milestone, but that means things are getting closer to the end!
Funny: Layne constantly pulls my shirt up and kisses my tummy and says, "Hi, baby!" He now does this to Jason.....I don't think he finds it as hilarious as I do!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: I don't understand why everyone doesn't feel my urgency to get things done. Mostly the nursery! My husband and our friend sanded the walls (previous owners were idiots and used sand paint EVERYWHERE) and painted the main color on the walls. As I was helping to supervise the work, I kept telling them my plans for the room. And I kept being told, "Oh there's time." In whose world is there time? I have a laundry list of things to do before we become a family of 6, the nursery is the first item of many.......sooooo let's keep things going boys! Less beer breaks and more painting/manual labor!

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