Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lose the Chocolate and Flowers!

I'm normally not a sappy romantic, but I do like the idea of setting time aside to celebrate love! I know that people, men in particular, struggle to think of something to get their lady for Valentine's Day that isn't chocolate or flowers. Now don't get me wrong, I love both of those things, but there is nothing special or unique about them. Very few men are able to get "creative" and they actually tend to over think the whole thing, if they do decide to do anything at all, so let me help! Hey men (including my husband), listen up!

My LOVEly mug from Target!

1. Time
Cliche I know, but time is a precious thing to women and mother's especially. This can be broken into two different options, alone time and your time.

Telling a woman to just take the day to herself, leaves the question of, "And do what? Walk around Target?" Plan something for her in advance. Possibly a day filled with getting her hair done, a massage, mani/pedis, followed by something where you can meet up with her like dinner or a movie or a play.

The next option is your time. This is one of my personal favorites! My husband works more than most people that I know, so every minute I get alone with him is cherished. So men, give yourself to your woman for a day or weekend. Turn the phone off. Snuggle her. Cook AND clean up a meal for her. And most importantly, tell her over and over how much you care about her. Women are emotional creatures, so actually hearing what you say about how you feel about her, really means a lot!

2. A Card
Simple, right? Get a card, a piece of construction paper or a napkin folded in half and write in it. Crazy, I know! But seeing something handwritten by a man you love pulls some serious strings in a woman's heart! What should you write? Write a memory down of what made you fall in love with her, tell her how beautiful she is (even if she is the size of a whale due to your child she's growing!), or tell her what you are loving about your future together!

3. Curve Talk
This can go for the pregnant mommas out there or the girls who aren't rail thin. Appreciate the body that she lets you have at your beck and call! Talk to the baby inside her swollen belly and just feel him/her kick, after all, nothing is sexier than watching a man love his children! If she isn't pregnant, tell her what curve you love and why. Women have body insecurities, whether they talk about it or not, knowing that the man that says they love them is also attracted to them can do wonders for them!

4. House Chores
For all the stay-at-home moms, having dad pick up a mop and fold a load of laundry is equal to watching a Chippendale performance! So be corny and make a coupon book for her to use. Cooking dinner, mopping, folding laundry, dusting, cleaning toilets, if it's something she always does, give her the option of relinquishing that responsibility for the day/week!

5. Foot/Body Rub Down
The key to this, is without her asking for it! Between a woman working, raising a family and keeping a house together, muscles get sore! Tell her you appreciate her and want to give her a foot massage or back rub, but don't do one of those half-assed, "I'll lay next to you and use one hand," techniques. Google how to give a REAL massage and do that for AT LEAST 30-40 minutes! But this is key, DON'T ask for  a return favor, that's not how this works!

Now let's calculate the price on this..........ummm CHEAP! So the excuse of, "Money is really tight, I couldn't do much," is LAME! Man up men of the world! Pamper your ladies! Shoot, do all 5 things and I'm sure you will be rewarded in more ways than one!

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