Saturday, January 24, 2015

Importance of Dating Our Sons

I see all these articles and pictures all the time that preach that dads need to take their daughters out on dates so that they know how a man should treat a woman, which I completely agree with. My question is, where do these men learn to treat a woman? This can be answered in two ways. One, from the way their father treats their mother, and two, from their mother.

Now my sons see my husband open the door for me, give me the unexpected kiss on the cheek, help around the house, and hears him say he loves me. But that doesn't teach little boys how to act when they take a girl out. So just as it is important for fathers to date their daughters, I think mothers should date their sons!

Last night Kayden and I went on a date, and I think we both equally loved it! We got dressed up for dinner and a night at the theater to see Dinosaur Train on stage. I may have shed a tear or two when we were leaving and he said bye to daddy and daddy told him, "I love you. Take care of mommy and keep her safe." I've got some good men in my life!

Wrestling a 2 year old to get a decent picture is extremely difficult!
I hope that my boys realize that when they go out with a lady, that the lady puts a lot of time into getting ready to look nice for them, which should be complimented. Therefore, they should look nice for her. Mama will be making sure in 16ish years that on their dates, my boys don't have on t-shirts, dirty jeans and muddy boots!

We had to wait for about 20 minutes to be seated for dinner, and my normally wild child stood holding my hand nearly the whole time.
Also telling me the entire wait that he wanted to eat supper!
I guess it wasn't just the two of  us......his little brother tagged along!
I let him pick if he wanted to sit next to me or across from me. I like to think he chose across from me so that we could talk better, but I'm afraid it was so he could see the truck outside the window!

We colored together for all of 2 minutes, which in Kayden time, is FOREVER!
One thing we will need to work on before he goes on a date with someone he isn't related to is his grotesque way of eating......I won't have to worry about him going on second or third dates once someone sees him eat some wings!

An elderly couple stopped by our table on their way out to tell me how cute my son was, that he was well behaved, and they found it entertaining just watching him. When the old lady smiled and said hi to him, he covered his eyes and turned away. She then said, "Uh! Well NEVERMIND!".........ahhh the elderly! I just laughed.

One thing that I'm trying to instill in my boys is paying for things. Call me old fashioned, but if a guy is just dating a girl, she shouldn't pay. So I loaned Kayden my debit card to cover dinner.....and it probably won't be the last time!

Such a gentleman!
We headed to the show, and had an amazing time! It made me sad to see how big he looked sitting in the chairs! I was so unbelievably proud of him though! He sat (on my lap so he could see better) the entire show. The lady sitting next to me said how impressed she was that he was acting better than all the other kids around us, including her own son. Made me feel like I was doing something right!

Completely in awe at the size of The Orpheum!

Ignore the granola bar in his mouth....working on that!

We struggled to get a good selfie....especially with the guy in the background I didn't realize was there till today! 
You can take the country kid into the city, but he'll still have his boots on!
During the show on several occasions he just looked over at me, hugged my face and then kissed my cheek. Yes, this brought on several (possibly hormonal fueled) tears. I can only hope that as all of my boys get older I do this as often as possible which each of them. No, I'm not trying to make mama's boys out of them, trust me, they are far from! BUT if my boys learn from practice with me on how to treat a girl, my hope is that it will spill over to everyone they encounter! I want them to grow to be the honorable and respectful men that will one day (in the extremely distant future!) teach their daughters how they should be treated!

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