Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Half Baked!- 20 Week Pregnancy Update

Holy guacamole! I can't believe that this pregnancy is already half over! It has gone so fast, I'm sure chasing the 3 boys has helped me to quickly pass the time! So much has changed since my last update, so here we go!

I feel (and think I look) much puffier/fatter than this picture leads you to believe!
How Far Along: 20 Weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: I quickly rebounded from my sickness pregnancy loss, and am up a total of about 6 pounds.
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of a mango!
Maternity "Fashion" Fav: My husband's t-shirts. Yeah I know that it sounds ridiculous but my comfy t-shirts aren't so comfy anymore and my belly hangs out of them. So I moved over to the hubs side of the closet on days when we are just going to be around the house. It's amazing to actually have some room to move!
Baby Buys: Target clearanced out a majority of their baby clothes that were in the multi-packs (onsies, sleepers, pants, etc.) so after we found out that we had another little dude on the way, I picked up some 3 packs of onsies for $2.50! It was a great steal!
Fatigue: Totally stay-at-home mom problems, but if I don't get a nap in during nap time, I'm shot by 8pm.
Sleep: Like a rock!
Dreams: Apparently my subconscious thinks I have a lot of unresolved issues in my past, because last night I was purposely going back to old friends/classmates/acquaintances and either telling them how shitty of a person they were or trying to make a mends. My dreams are similar to that of watching reality TV, so I thoroughly enjoy them!
Movement: My annoying anterior placenta is making this difficult! I have no middle of the belly movements, instead the baby is a fan of my right ribs (which really freaking hurts) and last night, my back. I've never been kicked in the back from the inside before (that sounds super dirty), but it hurts!
Hair: On my head, it is thick as hell and driving me crazy. Over the rest of my body, you would think I have fertilizer in my body wash!
Cravings: Cream cheese....literally on pretty much everything.
Shit that Sucks: The dreaded swelling has begun! My fingers, my ankles, and my feet! Although it is January, I might have to break out the flip flops in order to comfortable on those rare occasions I go out and have to wear shoes!
Sausage Fingers: Rings are off.....and so it begins!
Struggles: Names! With Layne we knew what our names would be before we ever had the gender ultrasound, with this baby we can't decide on ANYTHING! We had it narrowed down to 2 names, but I like one and he likes the other, with no room for compromise.....so the battle continues! I keep getting told, "You have awhile to figure that out!" Yeah I know, BUT I can't decide on nursery paint/theme without having some sense of this child, and I can't keep calling it "baby." HE NEEDS A NAME!
Successes: Personal "grooming" is much more of an effort than it's ever been, so if anything gets groomed at some point during the week (maybe not all at once), I consider it a success!
Mood Swings: Not necessarily mood swings, but being a full blown worrier is in full effect (which is not usually my personality when I'm not pregnant).
Milestones: Baby is a boy AND we half-way through this pregnancy!
Funny: Last week Layne and Kayden were sitting with me. Kayden pulled my shirt up, kissed my belly and said that baby was sleeping. Super sweet, right? Not even 2 seconds later he slaps my stomach and screams "WAKE UP!" I will probably go past my due date, because this baby will be too scared of his crazy brothers on the outside!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: Starting to swell has reserved me a first class ticket on the crazy train! Dr. Google and I have come to the conclusion I'm dying! In all seriousness, I called the doctor and they said just drink more water and put my feet up (like I am doing while writing this). But in this head game I'm playing with myself, I'm taking my high blood pressure I had at 16 weeks with the swelling I've now developed at 20 weeks and have come to the conclusion I have preeclampsia. No, I've never had it before, but I've self-diagnosed like all rational people do! I go to the doctor Thursday, so hopefully he will run a full panel of everything to put my mind at ease!

Later this week or beginning of next week I will be putting together a list of my must-haves for the baby! Be sure to check it out!

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