Monday, January 19, 2015

7 New Baby Must-Haves!

I felt like baby #1's pregnancy/birth/first few months are all trial and error, sorry first borns. I think that it helps to prepare though for subsequent babies and, for me at least, gave me an idea of things that I want for this baby that I either didn't have with the first or that I would like to get again for this unnamed babe! Hate to break it to you people, things can't all be reused for the next baby, as much as my husband wishes that was the case!

Now I literally read EVERYTHING under the sun about what to get in preparation, but didn't ever find a concise list. So here we go! I've also provided links to the sites/where you can get it and pictures! Happy planning!

1. Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddles

Honestly I never used these as swaddles, I will use them to cover me while I breastfeed, on the floor while he plays, and to cover him in the car seat. They are made from bamboo fiber muslin fabric. They are breathable, but yet warm. I just can't explain my love of them! I had the classic swaddles before and swore by them. They are now our "night night blankie," but my friend had the bamboo ones and they are just SO darn soft!

Aden + Anais (photo credit A + A)

2. Tula Baby Carrier

Yes I have raved about them in the past, and I will continue to! I didn't get one for Layne until he was almost 9 months (I think?). I wish I had gotten one much sooner! I've tried the Ergo, and used a Moby wrap when he was brand new, but nothing compares to a Tula! Especially if you will be chasing around another little one, I highly suggest making the investment! Tula's Website

Layne and I shortly after we got (and fell in love) with Blue Zig Zag!
3. Rock & Play

I'm pretty sure that I would have died without one of these. I don't care what kind you get, but you NEED one! Layne had to sleep elevated because of reflux and then later when he got RSV. It was stationed next to the bed and he slept in it every night for the first 8-10 weeks of his life. I will definitely be using it again this time around!

This is the one that we have from Target. (picture credit to Target)

4. Sleeper Gowns

When I got these as a gift I thought, "Ummm the baby is boy, why did I get a nightgown for him?" Then he was born and I TOTALLY understood! They have the built in gloves to cover those baby dagger fingernails, and the lack of snaps/zippers make changing an already pissed off baby's diaper easier! I only had 2 before and they seemed to get peed on daily, so I will be investing in a couple more for the early weeks!

Carter's seemed to be the softest and had the best fit! (photo credit to Carter's)
5. NEW Bottles

Yeah, it seems silly that I would need to buy new bottles. BUT, Layne used 5-6  bottles a day for nearly 11 months. That means they got washed CONSTANTLY! The numbers started to rub off and I would have had to buy new nipples for all of them I threw them away and will buy a fresh set! When Layne took 4 ounces and under, I loved the Phillips AVENT bottles and when he started to take more than that, I turned to Tommee Tippee. The AVENT bottles were great with his reflux and the Tommee Tippee were easy for him to hold (once he finally decided to!)

Layne loved his bottles! They gave him some sleepy eyes!

6. Kangaroo Shirt 

I had seen these online while I was still pregnant before and I thought, "Umm those look ridiculous!" Like with pretty much everything else, I learned that if I had had one it would have been amazing! So, this time around I'm making the investment! Skin-to-skin time is so important with a newborn and between struggling to keep  my National Geographic boobs concealed so that my family wasn't given a peep show and keeping him wasn't as relaxing the whole time as I had hoped. Reviews are great, and I'm looking forward to ordering one! 

I found them at Milk and Baby pretty reasonably priced! (photo credit Milk and Baby)
7. Diaper Pail

I have 2 already, and can't imagine what my house would smell like without them. Considering I have 3 kids already in diapers, I might get another one (fingers crossed the 2 year old is potty trained by then!) The pails are wonderful in the first few weeks when you go through a million diapers, ours was stationed next to our bed! And then as the baby gets older and starts to have real'll be thankful they are contained and NOT in your kitchen trash!

We have Diaper Genies and love them!

Things that I won't buy/wish I hadn't

  • Breast Pump - Who knows if it will work out or not for you, and they are expensive (my insurance doesn't cover it, so I bought one)! I suggest renting one from the hospital, and if things work out, then you can make the investment!
  • Binkies - I had a million of them with Layne.....he hated all of them and never ended up taking one. Try the one in the hospital, and if the baby doesn't seem to respond then (when they really aren't that picky), chances are they probably won't. Those little things can add up!
  • Wipe Warmer - I know some people find these a necessity, but when I ask why I get told, "Well a cold wipe will make the baby cry and wake them up when they get changed at night." Hate to break it to you, you are up in the middle of the night because they are ALREADY awake and crying. Save your money!
  • Baby Shoes - My mom has this mentality that kids should have shoes on at all times, no matter the age, so I have so many pairs that have NEVER been worn. Let's be real, they don't walk and they tear everything off their feet, therefore they are pointless. Save the pennies to buy them a super cute/nice pair for when they are starting to take steps!

Hope this gives you some insights if you are curious on what to start to get for your baby! If this isn't your first, what are some of your must haves?

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