Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What I Didn't Expect While Expecting #2.....So Far- PLUS Bump Picture

I know that everyone always says that no two pregnancies are the same, but I was surprised by the things that I didn't expect to happen or happen so soon!

I didn't expect that I would pee on a stick and then need maternity clothes almost at the same time.

I didn't expect that my boobs had such "great" muscle memory......didn't ever imagine an F would be my cup size. (A picture tribute to the bra later this week!)

I didn't expect to look SO pregnant this early! (15 weeks and 1 day today)

I didn't expect to already have insane back pain. Between trips to the chiropractor and heat/ice packs, I'm trying to find any relief possible. My dear husband has been promising me a back rub......still waiting......

I didn't expect my lady parts to already hurt like they did when I was 30 some weeks prego last time. Seriously, wtf!?

I didn't expect to already have anxiety about what to name this little person for the rest of her (or his) life! Last time I had the name picked out at practically conception.

I didn't expect my nesting instincts to already kick in. I honestly was cleaning my house at 6am Saturday morning while the kids were at grandma's house while mentally planning a basement remodel and how to do the nursery.

I didn't expect to have such insane emotions. I was barely emotional with Layne and so far every day there is some sort of emotional break down. The hubs isn't much of a fan of this.

I didn't expect to get so many strange looks when people see me pushing our 1 and 2 year old in the double stroller and then notice I'm pregnant. I want to shout at them, "My husband and I love each other VERY much!"

I didn't expect to already hit the, "I'm fat so please don't look at me naked," stage with my husband. As I recall from last time, once I hit the fully round stage it turned into, "Look at this sexy round beach ball," so it's just a matter of time till the lights can come back on.

I didn't expect to regain my energy so quickly. I've been feeling good since 10 or 11 weeks. Being able to take a mid-afternoon nap every day probably helps too!

I didn't expect that I would be prego at the same time as one of my friends (2 weeks apart) and be able to text back and forth our complaints, happy moments and times we feel like slitting people's throats!

And lastly (on a very cheesy note)..........

I didn't expect that I could already love this baby just as much as I love the boys! After all, I don't even know if it is a he or she yet!

Style note: Messy bun helps to hide a ridiculous amount of gray hair! Salon appointment Saturday!
(cell phone pocket courtesy of LP Advertising & Promotions, LLC.'re welcome for the plug mom!)

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