Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Day FAILURES And A Whole Lotta Love

We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time on Thursday for 20 of our family members. For the first time in my life we didn't have a minimum of 3 different places to go and it was wonderful! As splendid as the day was, there were a few fails of the day!

Stuffing SUCKS
I've made stuffing before......Stove Top. But for the holiday I thought I would make REAL stuffing from scratch. So I searched Pinterest for days looking for a traditional recipe and a "creative" recipe. Now I pride myself on being a pretty damn good cook, but I'm embarrassed to say, my stuffing was fucking disgusting. My sweet family tried to tell me it was good, but it was awful! And then to make things better, as I'm taking it out of the oven, I spill an entire pan of it into the bottom of the oven. I wanted to cry. Let's just say, I'll stick with Stove Top from now on!

Wine. What wine?
Thanksgiving isn't complete unless there is some wine being poured and a cousin and/or aunt having a glass or two too many. But I was the sober hostess, so thinking of picking up wine at the store didn't even occur to me. My cousin thought she would make a wine run to the gas station........we live in Underwood. Beer and candy bars is about as good as you are going to do! So for the first time in what I think is all of our memories, we were wine free during the holiday!

I forced my family together on this special day, including my parents who have now been divorced for 20 years. To say I was impressed with their behavior and that they sat at the SAME table is an understatement. That is, until we ate....... I hear my dear father say, "Linda, what did you make here? (pointing at the various dishes on the table)" Not even waiting for a response, I tell him, "Dad she didn't put poison in anything! Seriously!? Just make your plate!" He just smiles and puts his head down, knowing that I know him too well and he should just stop now.

So was it a total failure? No, overall it came together wonderfully. But I definetly learned a little about what to do differently next year. Use Stove Top. Stock up on alcohol. Make my father's plate for him!

 My grandparents. 60 years of some southern lovin'!
(photo courtesy of my cousin's Facebook page.....stole it.....sorry not sorry!)

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