Monday, December 8, 2014

Spoil the Hell Out of Your Husband

Last Tuesday my guy turned 30 and is now officially on the downhill slide to 60! I felt that I needed to do something to celebrate him. So I planned a day full of "pampering" and surprises designed especially for him this last Saturday!

First we went to probably the coolest barber shop I've ever been to (since I've been to a lot?). It is called The Beard and Mane (located on 23rd and St. Mary's Ave. in Omaha). The vibe is completely retro, with old school barber chairs and everything. And considering the line was out the door when we got there at 9am (Saturdays are walk-ins only, and they've only been there 5 months), and we didn't get out of there till 12:30pm, I'd say it was worth the wait. They trimmed the beastly beard and did a straight razor shave on his head. He LOVED it! Justin (the barber) was hilarious and him and his partner (business not romantic) Matt and him banter back and forth making the wait enjoyable. If you can stand a bit of raunchy "man talk", I would totally suggest having you take your guy there!

No, Justin the barber wasn't mad, I may have been sneaking the picture and got caught!
Our next stop was for massages. He's had one before, so he knew what to expect. What I DIDN'T expect was for his masseuse to be a dude that looked like he could bench press 450 pounds. I struggled to contain my laughter while we were waiting as I imagined Jason getting rubbed down by this burly man. But from what I was told he had, "hands like a woman." Good to know, good to know......maybe I'll request him for myself next time!

We then went to go get him his first pedicure. Nothing too exciting, he enjoyed it and turned down the girl's offer to put clear polish on! I then surprised him with a suite at Hotel Deco XV downtown followed by dinner at 801 Chophouse.

I had arranged for all of his friends and family to meet us at the casino to finish off his celebration. He was SO surprised and thankful for everyone to be there. I'm pretty sure he had too many Budweisers, but it was well worth it!

As you are reading this you are probably thinking, "Ok, what's the point?" The point is, wives/girlfriends tend to expect their significant other to spoil them on various special days throughout the year. But is that ever returned? Do women ever plan a day just catered around their man? The truth is, that rarely happens. but I think it needs to happen more often.

In our situation, Jason is the bread winner, hell he is the only one that  brings home any bread! He works an ungodly amount of hours a week and then has to listen to me bitch about who knows what when he gets home! For all of that, I think he deserved this!

So ladies, stop being selfish, and give back a little. Men, if your lady spends weeks planning a special day for you, be sure to show your gratitude to her.......I'm sure you think of a way or two!

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