Friday, December 19, 2014

Gender Prediction Tests Tested!

By now, you are probably as annoyed as my husband with my obsession over the gender of the baby. And honestly, I don't know why I'm SO crazy about it. Prior to actually having kids and even at the beginning of Layne's pregnancy, I thought, "Let's not find out what it is. We'll have it be a surprise!" Well.....I'm a neurotic, Type-A personality, so when it comes to the unknown I found out, I don't cope very well. And the fact that I can't control what is going on within my very own body drives me insane!

So I thought I would put some of these old wives tales and various "scientific" prediction tests through the wringer. Now although we don't know YET what the baby is, because it was being difficult yesterday, hopefully we can get a good guess from the results of these tests, right? And the ones that don't require me to pee in something, I will do it for Layne as well to see if it was accurate!

*Please note these are just for fun! Also, I'm not a professional videographer, so my videos pretty much suck......I've learned, no more vertical videos after this! The hubs was also creeped out that I would pee in a cup that I keep in the cupboard, hey it goes in the dishwasher!......I found clear disposable ones after we already did this......

Bleach and Urine

I highly suggest not doing this one, as it produces terrible (possibly toxic) fumes! If you want to do it have someone else do it for you OUTSIDE! All you do is mix equal parts bleach and fresh pee. If it foams like beer it is a boy. If it "sizzles" like Sprite is supposed to mean girl. I did a bit of research on this one and supposedly male hormones create higher pH levels, hints the beer foam.

Predicted Gender: BOY             Confirmed Gender: ?

Baking Soda and Urine

For this one you use a couple tablespoons of BAKING SODA (not baking powder) and then some fresh pee. No worries with this one, no toxic fumes produced! It is suppose to deal with pH levels as well, so beer foam=boy and Sprite=girl.

Predicted Gender: BOY             Confirmed Gender: ?

Wedding Ring Over the Wrist

I highly doubt there is ANYTHING scientific about this. But at this point, I'll obviously try anything! What you are suppose to do is to put your wedding ring (but I've also heard you can use a cross) on a string/chain/strand of hair (?) and then hold it over your wrist. If someone is helping you, put it over your stomach. If it goes in a circle it means girl and if it swing back and forth, boy. I've also heard of this same test done with a needle and thread stuck into the eraser of a sharp pencil. But if I'm being honest....I don't freaking those items are hard to come by!

Predicted Gender: GIRL       Confirmed Gender: ?

Chinese Gender Chart

I have MULTIPLE friends that swear by these, and honestly, I like to think they are accurate too! The one that I have been told is the most accurate is the one on Baby Center. I've listed the link below.

Baby Center Chinese Gender Prediction

Predicted Gender: GIRL             Confirmed Gender: ?
Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY this was CORRECT!


So this probably the one I hear of the most often. If the baby's hear beat is above 150 then it's a girl, and if it's below, then boy. At yesterday's appointment it was 140. So......

Predicted Gender: BOY             Confirmed Gender: ?
Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY .....his was in the 140s the entire time.

Placenta Placement

If you are one of those gurus at reading ultrasounds, you may have used this one. There are several studies that show 97% of baby girls implant on the left side of the uterus and 97% of boys implant on the right.

Predicted Gender: unknown, I have an anterior placed baby..... Confirmed Gender: ?
Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY


Ok there are several different mathematical prediction tests I have found. How anyone ever came up with these, I have no idea.

  •  Month & Age of Mom
    • Add the month the baby conceived with the age of the mom at the time of conception. If it is odd, boy and even, girl.. 
    • Predicted Gender: GIRL
    • Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY
  • Subtract from 49 (!)
    • Take your age at the time of conception, subtract it from 49, then subtract the month of conception. If the number is even, its a girl and odd a boy. 
    • 49-25-9= 15
    • Predicted Gender:BOY
    • Predicted Gender for Layne:  GIRL
  • Newer Blood
    • Ok this one is out of Ukraine....I've done my research! It is base on the idea that whichever parent has the "newest" blood. that is the sex the baby will have. Apparently men's blood renews every 3 years and women every 4. This one is fucking weird to me (like the rest make perfect sense or something?!)
    • Take the man's age at conception divided by 3, (29/3=9 remainder 2) Then take the woman's age at conception divided by 4, (25/4=6 remainder 1). The one with the smallest remainder wins!
    • Predicted Gender: GIRL  
    • Predicted Gender for Layne: GIRL  

  • Salty vs. Sweet
    • Salty=boy  Sweet=girl
    • Predicted Gender: I like both....does that mean an it?
    • Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY
  • Clear Skin vs. Acne
    • Clear skin = boy  Acne= girl
    • Predicted Gender: GIRL  
    • Predicted Gender for Layne: BOY
  • Sexual Positions
    • Guy on top = boy  Girl on top = girl
    • I'm sorry but if you are able to remember what position your child was conceived in, you are apparently not having sex often enough!

Ok so if you have skimmed through this, by the variety of colors, you can see that I am having a .............BABY! Because the fucking gender is a mystery, and these tests didn't provide any clear answers! We will all have to wait till the week of January 5th to find out (fingers crossed and NOT baby legs)!!! If you have kids or know the gender, did any of these work for you? I'd love to hear from you!

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