Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18 Week Pregnancy Update

Well hello 18 weeks pregnant! I feel like time has just flown by! I will say though, I was never pregnant over Christmas before, and it is pretty awesome! Between the, "Here, eat some more," and "You look SO good (because commenting on how fat I've gotten isn't very nice)," comments, I might wear a fake prego belly next year!

Hair went a bit crazy this morning, looking a lot like a head of cabbage!

How Far Along: 18 Weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: About 2 pounds total. Yes this is down from what I put at 16 weeks. I was EXTREMELY sick all of last week with a respiratory thing, and actually was below my pre-pregnancy weight at one point. So I'm trying to gain it back!
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of a sweet potato!
Maternity "Fashion" Fav: Ok so this isn't actually clothing, BUT my husband got me some diamond stud earrings for Christmas. I feel like these are a pregnancy/postpartum/mommy must have! Honestly on days when you don't feel the most attractive, having a little sparkle in your ear can do wonders for your attitude!
Baby Buys: I'm on a baby buying freeze, introduced by the hubs. APPARENTLY I can't continue to buy girl things until after our gender ultrasound next week! What a fun sucker!
Fatigue: I'm exhausted lately, but I think it is more recovering from being sick rather than pregnancy.
Sleep: I now pee while sleeping I think. NO I do not pee my pants, but I've become so accustomed to going to the bathroom then going back to bed that sometimes I don't even remember getting up.
Dreams: Lately I've been dreaming about people from high school. Like people I don't even talk to anymore. And nothing weird, just like running into people at the store, going to dinner with people I've never gone to dinner with, I don't know what that's about, but hey at least they aren't the weird "I'm giving birth to an alien" type of dreams!
Movement: MAYBE once when I pushed hard on my stomach, that or I moved my intestine somewhere else!
Hair: It is completely unruly! Blow drying it exhausts me, so the natural air dry look, has me looking like I put my finger in the electric socket.
Cravings: Krave chocolate cereal.....delicious!
Shit that Sucks: With Layne I got pregnancy induced carpal tunnel in both hands/wrists/arms, but it was when I was like 32+ weeks. Well, as with everything else, that has shown up much sooner than expected. Luckily, as of right now, it is just in my left wrist. It makes doing everything a bit more difficult, because I don't have a very strong grip anymore.......yay!
Sausage Fingers: Rings are still on, all is good!
Struggles: At my last appointment my blood pressure was high. Like scare the doctor high! BUT I had also been sitting in the exam room, while he delivered a baby for 45 minutes, with all 3 children and my husband there! When I had it taken at the urgent care this last week it was perfect......I also had no children with me!
Successes: While the boys were at grandma's house this weekend, we moved Dayton to the basement and unpacked the 10 boxes we haven't touched since we moved! With Dayton out of his old room, we can start the nursery as soon as we know the gender!
Mood Swings: Nothing crazy, but apparently I've developed RBF (Resting Bitch Face). The hubs will ask me, "What's wrong? You look pissed." Nope, not pissed, this is just my face apparently!
Milestones: On Monday (fingers crossed) we will get to find out the gender!
Funny: Now my father-in-law's side of the family is probably one of the most loving and caring families (and a whole lot of crazy) that I could have asked to marry into. This last weekend the aunts and I were talking about the sex of the baby. One of our VERY well intentioned aunts walks behind me, looks at my ass, walks back around and said, "It's a girl." I couldn't control my laughter. Apparently my large ass means it's a girl. I've heard that girls make you pregnant all over while boys just give you a belly. Now if it ends up a boy, I have an aunt that has some explaining to do!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: Several things are stirring inside this head of mine. My dear mother, while visiting for Christmas, asked me if I Photoshop my weekly bump pictures. She said, "But you look good in them. You clothes are cute, your hair is done and you have makeup on." I asked her what she meant by that comment, because I don't have the faintest idea how to Photoshop anything, and if she meant that I look like shit in person. After a whole lot of backtracking she dropped the subject. To say I was annoyed is an understatement. Also, word to the wise. If you have a loving wife/friend/relative that is knocked up and willing to be your DD, your ass better load up when she says it is time to go. Sleep is SO important to the woman creating life, and when that is limited due to your lack of responsibility, it creates an angry mama bear! (for the record, my husband was not the cause of that rant)

Next week is gender reveal week (hopefully)!!! I hope that everyone's holiday season has been well and that your New Year's is safe!

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