Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16 Week Pregnancy Update

It seems crazy that I've known I was pregnant for the last 12 weeks! At this rate, I'll be giving birth before I know it! Never mind, we won't bring that up, because both my options (VBAC or repeat c-section) scare the ever lovin' piss out of me still! So on a lighter note, here is my 16 week update!

Getting HUGE (way too early!) but I do love my new shirt I got last week!

How Far Along: 16 Weeks
Weight Gain/Loss: About 4-5 pounds total
Fruit of the Week: Baby is the size of an avocado!!!
Maternity "Fashion" Fav: I raved about my love of full-panel maternity leggings on my last update, and broke down and bought a couple pair last week. But my new favorite things are maternity camis. No, not the nursing type with the clips where you could accidentally flash someone if you move the wrong way. I'm talking about the super long tank tops that have a bit of padding in the boob area. Not that I need any padding for the girls BUT the weather is getting cold out and the padding helps to prevent the "I dropped Hershey kisses down my shirt in nearly the same spot on both sides" look, if you catch my drift!
Baby Buys: Ahhhhhh I bought girl newborn onesies! No, we don't know the sex quite yet, but they were SO cute! Hubs said that we can take the onesies and hats I bought with us to our gender ultrasound so that we can return them after the appointment! Jerk!
The first one is pink (not salmon like it appears) and I HAD to get them, because they were 30% off with Target CartWheel!
Fatigue: Let's be real, I get a nap nearly every day. After all, one must rest their womb!
Sleep: We got our TempurPedic mattress last week! It is amazing! My sleep has still sucked though, because having a spouse with legit influenza and then another virus who gets up a million times a night to blow his nose....doesn't make for very restful sleep!
Dream: Let's preface this with the fact that I've never been an alcoholic or heavy drinker! I had a dream Saturday night that I was just POUNDING beers...while pregnant. In my dream I kept telling my husband, "One more beer won't hurt the baby!" For the record, that never happened, but I did buy some sparkling apple juice at the store the next day and poured it in a wine glass!
Movement: Occasionally I feel some flutters, but nothing consistent!
Hair: The gray is gone....well for the next couple weeks at least! Hallelujah! Now if the hair growth on my face would slow down, that would be great! I've contemplated just shaving it daily until the baby is born and then getting the shit lased off!
Cravings: Egg/Cheese/English Muffin breakfast sandwiches, Arby's cheddar/roast beef deliciousness and still hot chocolate
Shit that Sucks: My fat days are feeling extra fat! For today's picture I literally took it 20 times trying to minimize the size of my ass while keeping the double chin in check! The struggle is real, and today is just not my day!
Sausage Fingers: They only swell if I eat something salty, but go down after a couple glasses of water.
Struggles: Keeping my entire house "clean" is seriously the most daunting task in the world! With my expanding waist line, my back can't take me sweeping, mopping and vacuuming for several hours at a time without being a pile for the rest of the day. Taking applications for unpaid volunteers to do it for me!
Successes: Took the little boys with me to the mall last week to go to the maternity store! Everyone survived and we only lost a sippy cup! I did have the "How old are the boys?" Followed by, "And how far along are you?" Finished by a fake smile, slight eye roll and a, "That's exciting." I'll cut a bitch, so they can stop with the judgy looks!
Mood Swings: They seem to have leveled out a bit, but they still will creep up from time to time!
Milestones: 4 months along! And we MIGHT find out the gender this week, depending if  "she" cooperates!
Inside the Hormonal Brain: Finding out the gender has been on my mind 24/7 which is driving my husband BEYOND crazy. I get the, "When you find out it's a boy what are you going to do, just give it away?" Are you fucking joking me!? No, I'm not giving my baby away! I will love him like I do the rest of my boys. But the part of me that is wishing for a girl wants it so that I'm not the only female in the house anymore. I want someone to do something with when dad and the boys do "man" things together. I think my husband struggles with my obsession over this just because he doesn't understand what it is like to have something growing in you and NOT know if you can call it a he or a she. The couple day wait till my appointment feels like an eternity!

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